“Blogrush! Why bother?”

Many of you will know about this by now as it’s plastered all over the net, and yes it’s on here too and I DO think if you have yet to add it to your blog you should (updated) a massive FAIL!

So why ask why don’t bother?

If you know of John Reese you know he knows traffic, how to get it and make the most of it.
There lies the reason it should have worked, not failed as bad as it did!

More importantly you can get a better idea of what it does for your blog now, and as it improves you learn things from the info you saved.

Make no mistake John’s own sites will have had MASSIVE traffic lately and THAT info is worth a huge amount, John knows what to do to make the most of it and YOU only he benefited from that.

I do hope it will be a success. (It failed)

Knowing now what it does with your blog and what shows up now will mean you can take notes on what to filter as soon as able to, this then becomes the basis for your future testing as it improves from the admins tweaks.

You can then just keep improving what links you do want on your blog by way of blocking what you don’t like, and filtering words you don’t want.

That’s why I got dumped it now.

But also you will notice I am not promoting this elsewhere, just going to keep on blogging as normal, so I get a real idea of what it has done in the normal scheme of things. ;o)

Then I can test and tweak with better accuracy.

If you have a blog, don’t waste your time on this crap!

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