Well as the title says, I have been pretty busy these last few days, hence the lack of posting on the forums.
Having already got A message to a friend up and running I started on another product.

I hope to have that finished tommorrow, I need to get it finished as I am in need of getting things moving at a constant rate…not to mention having a few bills that I HAVE to get paid asap.

I hope this new product sells alot better than what I have already done.
It’s more of a targetted product so should do better.

It’s almost March already which has got me thinking about what the last two months have been like.
I can’t believe how quick it’s going at the moment, yet I am NOT happy with what I have achieved so far, I should have done better so I will have to ramp it all up a notch to get to where I should be.

I am not that far behind so catching up should be doable.

Are you where you planned to be since the new year?

Busy busy busy
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