What a busy weekend that was… 😉

Rewarding though I must admit, as I got so much done and the previous efforts I have been putting it has started to pay off, especially with the Portland site. Surpassed my expectations really. By quite a way, in such a short time.

Can’t complain…

Not a time to slow down though, time to use it as motivation to get more done, build on it until I hit all the targets I set myself.

One was to get this site itself updated to a fresher newer look, as you can see I did that. Hoping this layout poses no problems to you, the reader, on whatever device you read it on…

IF you do have any issues, I would appreciate knowing what they are, and you can comment below, or message me.

For now, I am happy with it, I can see some things I can do to improve it, add a few things too… right now though, it’s enough as it is, allowing me to get on with creating content and building the traffic up.

Same as the Portland Bill site really, I will just get busy writing and get out and get some fresh photos. 🙂

A few key areas I’ll be working on in order to get to where I need and want to be…


As I previously said, I can get on with creating content, I am even considering the different formats to deliver that content, I love to write but there are so many different options, video, audio, podcast, etc…

Granted I am limited in some ways being deaf, but hey ho… never let that stop me before! 😉

The biggie is it has to be good content, with the Portland site for example I can just write as much as possible, which you will see me do over the next few weeks anyway, expanding on previous post and making them pillar content, meaning it will stand alone as great content for years to come and be relevant, whenever it’s read.

Same as here, but I need to narrow the focus and topics I write of, I will be doing that, if I can get that down to say 5 things… I’ll be able to do better, in a more organised, more focused way.

Had hoped to have someone else write with me too, but they have other plans now. Think we would have been a great team too, but not to be. Sadly.


I keep being told I take good photos, I appreciate that too, makes me realise I should really do much more of it, thankfully I enjoy it so it’s something I will do. Fresh images make a difference on any site really, and as you see I reuse some images, maybe more than I should, so it’s something I have to change.

A few of you readers have also offered your images for me to use and I also appreciate that and have since used a couple on the Portland site with credit to the photo owners. Some great photographers around here. 🙂

These day’s photos get shared so often with platforms like Instagram being solely based on images, it makes it an important part of how people get traffic. I have added a single share button to the images, a small one, a pin for Pinterest.

I did have other share buttons but they were big and intrusive, especially on mobiles, I will sort something out there so other buttons are usable. I do want them to be shareable if it gets me more visitors of course. 😉


Many of you won’t realise what that is, many will, but for those that don’t, it is simply Search Engine Optimisation.

That is making your site relevant to whatever keywords you are targeting with your site, for the search engine results.

On the Portland site for example, I want it to be ranking well in search engines for “portland bill” or “portland” when people search for that on google, or any other search engine … make sense? Try it on that link. Use Portland Bill.

See why I also need to narrow this sites focus down? 😉

I slipped out of the loop a bit on SEO and all its forms, but the basics really doesn’t change and the other things above tie into this too, good relevant keyword content and relevant images with relevant names etc, matter.

Realistically it always will.

Yet there are so many new things, new tactics and such I really do have to look into it a little again. Freshen up, it matters. Image sharing is part of it. 😉

I’ll not be gaming it, as many do, I will just do more of what I know will work. Write well for people, and not machines… People matter more. 😉

Keep at it

Things are going in the right direction for me, at least online, so I will just keep at it, that’s really the key thing that will get me where I need to be.

Keep writing, keep taking photos, keep promoting and refining things so it becomes less work, easier to keep it going. Like anything, just takes alot of effort to get going, once rolling it gets easier to keep it rolling.

Nothing more than that to it really. 🙂

Any thoughts?

Comment below, or share this post. Thanks.

Busy weekend yet rewarding…
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