What's your focus on? 😉

The foreground, the background?

The past, future?

The positive, the negative?

The good, the crap?

Do we even think about it half the time, even though they are all clearly there?

I thought about it when I stepped off the hamster wheel for a while, taking that breather from doing all this at times bloody frustrating stuff, need a break now and again don’t we to see the wood for the trees.

I needed to really think about it without the distractions…

… far too many things! 🙂

One was do I have an agenda, on here?

Everyone has got an agenda with everything they do, even if they are reluctant to acknowledge it, it’s there somewhere and it matters, to me at least… but I thought alot about it and realised something important but also easily enough misplaced.

Giving, what, where and how

The only thing that really counts is what we give and we do give, just by writing and putting effort into something and doing all the other crap that’s needed… promoting etc, yeah it’s enjoyable but that don’t pay it’s way, alone!

We give all on what we do, we help whenever we can, whoever we can help, however we can do that and we hope that the rewards of whatever type come back, we give in all places by promoting and hoping others help spread the word, rinse repeat…

There is no magic pill or solution to that situation other then hard work and effort, continuously no matter what people say… get behind their doors and see what they also do and you see what I say will be the truth.

But… hard work, effort, stress, mental energy!


Where’s the getting? … ah the agenda? 😉

I’ll have a beer please!   >>>>>>>>>>   Thanks!! 🙂  >>>>>>>>>>

On a serious note it’s not just a one way street like people assume it to be and that’s why I see more people sticking paywalls up, meaning private post and content only for those that pay (give instead of get)  thus moving away from everything being freely available from the writer (giving) and struggling with the “get”part.

Makes sense as people can’t just keep on giving and giving without any of the get, no matter what the giving or getting is… more money, readers, subscribers, fans, whatever!

Every post has an agenda, not just the blog as a whole and it’s something more of us could do better to remember, me included. 😉

If I get ONE beer, I’ll have succeed and will cool down in the heat. 🙂

Every post should have an agenda
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6 thoughts on “Every post should have an agenda

    • June 25, 2010 at 5:14 pm

      I agree, it will get more like that too I think, we have to make each post matter, else no point doing them, but we needn’t take it all so seriously though. 😉

      Got cracking on WPress, great, how you like it so far then?
      Rob´s last blog post ..Are blogs evolving?

  • June 26, 2010 at 7:44 am

    I’m enjoying it 😀 It’s so easy to add and install plugins, no complications in terms of programming. Very handy. the only things needed is to write, write, write, write and optimize 🙂

    I saw your homepage, you’re back with that daily posting quest huh. That’s really great. I was semi-inspired by this daily post thing, knowing that you’re on it and quite serious about it.
    kaiserthesage´s last blog post ..How Experimental Music Can Change Your Way of Life

  • July 17, 2010 at 4:43 am

    I think a lot of blogging is connecting with people who both give and get, and “getting” on their part isn’t bad, nor is “getting” on your part. After all, if someone doesn’t want something online – readers, sales, etc. – it’s hard to do anything for them.

    I will say this – I’ve run into a few exceptionally selfish bloggers recently who are only taking, not giving nearly enough for what they’ve been given. Bloggers need to be more aware that sometimes it’s not about looking for others to give to; the people one really needs to give to are right under one’s nose.
    ashok´s last blog post ..Emily Dickinson- “It is an honorable Thought” 946

    • July 17, 2010 at 11:38 pm

      I can’t disagree with your first paragraph, and the second, I am probably guilty of that myself, the problem is getting to all the places and doing all the things I should do.

      Something I need to work on too. 😉
      Rob´s last blog post ..Commented here Thanks- added another benefit


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