Thousands wonder how to make money online everyday, not surprising to know they go looking for answers too…thankfully the kum-by-yah bloggers don’t rank for that search term and mislead people, while it’s true I don’t rank for it, I don’t try to and importantly I don’t mislead you either.

I had noticed a couple of emails and PMessages on facebook after the recent break where I was asked this, “do people really make money doing this?” and “isn’t it just all hype?”

Those who rank for it are the ones who know what they are talking about, that’s why they rank for it. (hint: I have linked to one in previous post, Grizz) and if proof was ever needed it’s there to see for yourself.

As for hype, it’s everywhere!

Whatever it is you want to learn about, use the search engines to find out some things for yourself before asking on forums and such, you are just reading opinions when you do that, opinions that may have no bearing on the reality, the SE’s are a filter… use them, they have done some of the crappy filtering for you.

Then you go asking for stuff to back up what you read… then act on it!

So.. how to make money online then?

I am busy working that out for myself, you know… not going asking in forums and such, I am doing things that need to be done in order for me to learn what I need to learn, and hoping what I learn leads to the right answers for me!

No-one has the definitive answer to that simple question, who could possibly know what will work for you?

Only you know what you are willing to do.

At least if you go looking, the free info you find tells you something you can learn from, and there are answers out there freely shared, finding the nuggets in that lot is the work you start with, even then you gotta do something, you know – take action!

You’re never ever ever going to make money online doing nothing, while that may be stating the obvious you would be surprised at the amount of people who think it really is that simple…they don’t do anything other than post to noob forums asking lame questions like “how can I make 3 grand by Tuesday?” … then sigh and bitch when no-one tells them how!

When someone points out that there are boring, dull, mind-numbing things to be done, often described by that neat little four letter word “work” all hell breaks loose…”what you mean work, ain’t got time to work, just need this money by tues!?”

Crazy, c’mon, when someone just starts turning up your door and handing you money for nothing but a smile, that is the day you find what you’re looking for…. till then, gotta get something done.

It all starts with you and what you are willing to do, what effort you put in and where you put it, only you will know the answers to that, no matter what you read you won’t find the right answers, just do what you are good at then see what branches off that, what you learn doing it is worth far more than what some ebook says and it’s not plain sailing but doing is better than not.

I have started five new blogs in the last few months, I am hopeful at least one of them works out well for me and I can build on that, it’s a case of seeing what works for you and doing more of that, sowing the seeds so to speak… find what sprouts and water the damn thing.
Simple as that really, for me.I am aiming to find just a handful of good ones then dump the rest and build up on the good ones as much as possible.

Experience, experience, experience.. do I need to go on? :o)

Who doesn’t want to make it pay?

Let’s face it, most of us who have websites and blogs want to make money online with them…else it’s just a hobby that’s using up time, time for pleasure, time we could be with family.

Wasting the most precious commodity for a means to an end…

In my case I have the weekends with my lads, so in the week I can write something, anything, as much as I need to anytime, do anything anytime, read what I need to, act on what I need to, so I do… last night got to bed at 4am, after writing a fair bit, woke at 9.30, wrote more stuff today, sorted a few things out I am working on, had a play with google buzz too for half hour (just cos I go it, and its a massive distraction if you let it be), it’s now at time of writing this… 4.15am.

See what I mean?  This stuff don’t do itself! (went to bed at this point! lol)

So, another day…

I am living alone, I can do this…for most people that’s not the case, with families, housework, and jobs and whatnot to occupy the time.

It’s cramming it in at night for these people, when they get a spare half hour, hour, or two, dropping the weekly soap on the brainwash box (TV!) to do something productive… half the time they are to shattered to do anything and those who mange to try…most LOSE sleep, we’ve all been there – It’s mainly about lifestyle, that itself works both ways… we want to do this to create a better lifestyle, yet our lifestyle limits what we can do…at least until it starts working out the balance.

What no shortcuts?

Not really, shortcuts are often seen after they happen, what you may think is one…isn’t, but then something else happens, you learn something, do something and later realise that was a shortcut.

The only shortcut of which you could at least say seems to be a shortcut is mixing with the right people and helping each other out, this is present everywhere, people say tribes, cults, whatnot are bad with the “us and them” mentality and indeed I have said it on here… the problem is you or me, or anyone else is never going to make it all alone and manage to do all you need in order to get where you want.

The problem with this us and them crap is it often excludes people in the wrong way, like mods on forums often single out certain people…it becomes an “I don’t like that person” situation… even if that person does contribute, help, and is an “ethical” person by most peoples standards, it becomes “personal”… not good.

Help those who help you and it grows, expands with reach, people prefer to help people who also help themselves, no-one wants to waste their most precious commodity (time!) helping someone who does nothing with it or throws it back in your face, on the other hand, if you are seen to be helpful, decent, others not only do the same for you but they will tell their friends about you too…that’s the way it goes.

You could help others make money online and you make money online, that is if you know how, there lies a problem you see all to often, people teaching what they don’t know rarely works!

But also don’t do it the way the A-listers tell you, they only make money by being an A-lister.

I’ll say here and now, it took me a while to realise that, I am in a way a social blogger with this blog, yet this blog makes squat really, because that was never the main intention as I had other blogs set up for that,  that’s something these A-listers don’t have, they talk crap because they don’t care if you fail…as long as they succeed and half the time they pay someone else to do all the shit I have to do, you may have to do, they do the “self praising” and take the glory while preaching to do something they don’t even do….

Chances are you or
I won’t ever get to be “known” like they are (not that I’d want that, misleading people and milking them, no thanks) so, we have to do things differently.

We have to do it the way it’s known to work, they way others clearly show us works…yet they are still too many variables to be absolute.
Simply put there a million and one ways to do it and you have to find what works with you, then rinse and repeat, or go wide or deep.

Whatever means you aim to go for, find those who really know what they talking about with that means.
That itself is the best “shortcut” (if there is one) you will have.

All common sense… that is the best thing you have, use it and it will help, sadly common sense ain’t too common!

So, what’s the answer?

There isn’t one, not to mention answers don’t do squat… only taking some action gets results, the real question is what action should you take to get some form of result?

That depends on you, what you can do, what you are willing to do, then doing.

In my opinion the question itself is one that everyone has to answer for themselves.

That is what I am working on, answering it for myself.

Can I make money online? Wrong question…
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