“Can you help me help myself?”

Bad night sleep last night, with the frustrations of yesterday heavy on my mind and the reality I could lose my connection any day I have to act, do something to ensure I can stay online at least long enough to keep the ball rolling and push it harder.

The truth is I simply what i do get in benefit is not enough and I have to send out cv’s and letters every week which is denting what little I do have.

Something I am at a loss about here is the sheer amount of companies and employers who blatantly ignore the letters.
Of the 22 I have sent out in the last two weeks I have had TWO replies!!

Do people just not bother anymore?

I remember after the “black weds” in the start of the 90’s when we left the ERM and all got laid off from work, I got a reply to 90% of what I sent out.
Didn’t take long back then to get another job, and it was a bloody recession!

Shocking…it’s getting as bad as customer service…non existent.

So…what can I do, and more importantly whats the plan for me now.

Well I would like to say I think I am getting better with this blog simply because I try to give better value in every post, I mean I have always strived to do this, but lately I have realised the power of giving over anything else.

The pleasure if giving is better than the pleasure of receiving for me, always has been.

The purpose of this blog was not to make money, but now I have to inject it into the blog so I can keep giving and giving more.

So if you can help me help myself I would be grateful for that and I could keep on keeping on and give bigger and better content.

How can you help me?

No.. how can I help you… ;o)

I would like to make some more good long post with tips, tricks and possible ideas for you to utilise in your blogging efforts or life efforts even.. ;o)

But I need to get a certain amount of income to enable me to do that…

So what can I offer you?

My screensaver which is just £5 (10 dollars), pic samples can be found on the blog sidebar…if you prefer dollars, just use the beer icon below and state in the message box…
“I want your screensaver please” and I will manually send it you. ;o)

If you really like that screensaver, or have pictures of your own you would prefer in a screensaver… just let me know, for a price of $20 I will create your unique screensaver from your pictures, up to a max of 20 pics and they must all be the same size.

If that appeals…again use the beer icon. ;o)

If neither of those interest you, how about this, one of the fastest ways to add a “income link” to your blog is using the 100% commission products as in the sidebar.

The link you add is so simple to do and you only need one sale for it to be free to you.

Here’s an idea for you… you most likely blog and that means you are writing post or articles.

The Article easy one is great, a solid ebook of about 50 pages and very well written by a friend of mine, Martin Avis, which would help ANYONE get started writing articles or blog post etc.

Articles can be a great way of getting traffic.

Why not write a great article on your topic that leads to you pointing your link out for this product, the post or article is a top quality on on your niche topic, the teaser you have is…

“Want to write great articles on your (topic name) blog, website or for others to use on their websites with a link to you?”… “You need this article easy report” :o)

Or something to that effect, the point is you are showing by way of a great article.

Go as far as write a great article to post to the article directories with a link back to the very post on your blog where you write about how you create great articles… ;o)

If you like the idea of creating your own 100% commission reports, go grab the one which gives you the scripts to utilise for this.

Create a great little report on your topic and your readers may grab it, more so if they can resell it via a link on their blogs…all the while you are getting more readers of the report and your blog…you would include a link to your blog wouldn’t you?

You could have affiliate links in there so you continue to earn from the report long after its sold.

Offer an extra free bonus to those who subscribe to your feedburner email set up. ;o)

Maybe you like using forums, of have your own forum… if so how about 20 pages of useful content you can use anyway you like?

I wrote this and I also include ideas on how best to capitalise on it.
The ideas may surprise you… ;o)

Or would you rather join my forum? Set goals and reach them. :o)

Well maybe you just have a big heart like me and decide..

“Hey I want this fella to keep on blogging, so I will just plain old donate to his cause…?”

Hey…thanks.. ;o)
The beer icon is just for that. ;o)

If you can help me stay online I can take this blog up a notch and do more over delivering on content.

I am most grateful for you being my reader and do hope I can continue to create for you.

Thank you for any help you can give me to keep on keeping on, and hopefully I can stay online at least till the benefit office recognise my disability.

I am writing to my MP next. :o)

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2 Responses to “Can you help me help myself?”

  1. hi there. i would like to help you but i don’t have the money to pay for your screensavers. Like you am also trying to earn money online. another bad thing is that there is no paypal in the Philippines, so there is no way to send you the amount.

    increase your traffic. join mybloglog, bumpzee, spicypage and other communities. 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks for popping by, no worries.

    I understand, I wouldn’t want anyone to give help they can’t afford to do.

    We will have to help each other.. ;o) You got another reader of your blog… ;o)

    I am increasing my traffic too… its almost doubled ober the last month but traffic is not keeping me online. ;o)

    Thank you for the kind words, I never knew you couldn’t get paypal there, is there a reason for that?


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