Can you make money online then? Probably not…

I just wanted to know how to make money online, so I did what most would do, I went and searched for it, it was the dream of being able to make money while sleeping that got me asking and looking in the first place.

In doing so I got sucked into the internet marketing forums, which was a good and bad thing, good being it taught me alot and I became friends with some great people, I got started doing something because the friends gave me the confidence to just do and I knew I’d get nowhere if I never did anything!

I met people who had already done the things I were thinking about and shared their experiences so we had the benefit of being able to avoid any mistakes, we also had the benefit of other people understanding what we were feeling and going through. We were all in the same boat, as they say!

The bad side was the murkiness, incestousness, pitch-festy nature of the niche, to much misinformation that gets spouted in them by people who haven’t a clue, too much taking advantage of noobs, newbies, whatever term you are familiar with.

I don’t give a shit about any “marketers” who say otherwise, I have SEEN it with my own eyes and I KNOW many of you do take advantage, raping their wallets / purses etc while filling them with crap that gets them nowhere, it seems you don’t really want them to succeed … just keep giving you money!

The reason I feel most will never make money online, because of the crap information and misleading shit the IMers have shoved down peoples throats, some of it just plain lies!

The one thing about this IM was it fired you up, you start to chase that dream of making a success of becoming an internet marketer who makes a good income, or at least you think you can do, in reality most people sat on the forums discussing it instead of doing it. (Regardless, some did take action, not only that they left the forums too, I don’t blame them either!)

It’s not long until you’re working all day at the day job, getting home, having some food then jumping on the PC until early the hours of the morning doing this or that … then grabbing a few hours sleep before getting up for the day job again … and so on!

That crazy feeling of not being able to switch off in order to sleep, I now see people saying on facebook. ;o)

Put simply, it’s all addictive, it sucks you in, the difference though is the IM niche makes you think like a marketer with added thoughts of psychology, human behaviour on and offline etc, it got you thinking about the “herd” so to speak, it’s good and bad again. :o)

Nevertheless, I do see it happening with friends on facebook now, some are up until early hours of the morning, knowing they have to get up for the day job just a few hours later … but to make it worse I have even had a few there ask me about how they could make money online.

That’s ok, the question I ask them is “do you want to be sucked into this or do you really want to make money online?

There is a big difference!

You either will make money online or you can’t! ;o)

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