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Portland Bill exposed and it’s beautiful

What a busy few days for me. It’s all good though and alot can be said for focus and direct action. Without it not much gets done. Whodathunkit! WHAT next? More of the same 😆 I needed it to distract … Continue reading

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500th post has me wondering if facebook hit it’s tipping point?

Portland’s golden mile. . . These sunsets here are fantastic, lucky us. How can anyone complain with that view? I’m not! 😀 This is the 500th post on here, though it should be far higher, it’s still a good milestone. Thanks … Continue reading

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Change is as good as a rest, Iv’e had the rest, let’s change!

Gahhhhh!! Often the path of steps ahead can seem a bit daunting, but less so if trodden before, as you should know what to expect and roughly the time it will take. That’s the damn theory anyway! 😆 One step … Continue reading

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Making money online needs a recipe

Rainbows, beautiful things. You can make your own, but to sell them is lame! 😆 Seems to be popular though along with unicorns! I jest … for a change! 😆 Maybe not… 😉 How many times have you seen the hyped … Continue reading

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G.A.S.P, 10.10.10 and no spam!

What a crap few weeks! 🙁 Been quiet here due to sorting out other things, offline and online (like I mentioned in the last post) which set me back a bit but hey ho, no harm done… But I got … Continue reading

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WordPress rocks, Facebook users and new post ideas…

I’ve been busy this last few days playing around with the both blogs, here and Portland Bill playing around behind the scenes (php is so… different to html) and getting stressed sorting out the integration of facebook to them. Having got there … Continue reading

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