Life is starting to feel like a strange chain of links, the links being the relationships between us as people, relationship between events, things, actions, how these things link together to effect us in certain ways which in turn effect the links themselves.

We strengthen or weaken them.

We all have relationships and can relate to everyone else having them etc, family, friends, work mates, all these things we constantly influence and work on. Most of the time people influence these links without thinking about them first, nor do they consider the real effects of the choices, actions they take.

Something I have learned the hard way is this…you know who your mates are when life is shit and you are down, IE when you need them most.

You know more of peoples truth by their actions rather than their words, IE the world is full of hypocrites.

So do we choose carefully enough?

Does the parent know the effect of telling a little white lie to their children early in life has on things later in their lives?

(How many doubts will be thrown up for them later in life on all the things they were unsure of earlier in life, things the parents say, once they know you started lying way back when…)

Does the boss know the overall effect of telling one “low ranked” worker that they are just a cog?

(Who else will that worker tell and will they want to work so hard?)

Does the man who slaps his wife in front of the kids consider the effects on the children’s later life and their relationships with their own wives, and children?

(Do they realise the continuous loop they strengthen?)

Does the person who has a fling while their partner looks after the kids really consider the effects on these links?

(The links between the partner and kids, them and the partner, them and the kids, the between the kids themselves?)

Every chain has weak links…

Do we know when to break the weakest links?

Do we consider the effects of breaking them?

On ourselves, others and also those connected to them, you?

Do you want a strong chain or a shitty little weak one?

Cut the weak ones and work on the strong ones.

Trust, respect is what strengthens the links.

I don’t want weak links that take away from me being able to strengthen the stronger ones.

I want to strengthen my relationship with my kids, the family members who matter, the friends who matter, the things I do I will consider more.

The weak links will break.

There are links I would like to build, (not sure I ain’t to be single forever ya know, though I wont be second fiddle neither!) others I will cut away, if you feel I have cut you off, maybe you ought to ask why I would do that?.

New links appear all the time.

How about you? Have you considered the links of your chain?

Chain of life
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