One step a time
One foot in front of the other!

Gahhhhh!! Often the path of steps ahead can seem a bit daunting, but less so if trodden before, as you should know what to expect and roughly the time it will take.

That’s the damn theory anyway! 😆

One step at a time… we get there, with anything in life, it’s the same way. 🙂 So why do we try to try to run before walking? I bet I’m not the only one!!

We do it with most things … stumbling along in a hurry all so damn eager to get two steps ahead! Most of time to only fall three steps behind.

Why? What is the hurry?

One thing a time, one day a time, one bit of progress a time. That gets us there in the end, its about making the most of the one step, learn from it, enjoy it, whatever, depending on that one step/action.

Hindsight’s all very well, but a little late!

One thing I know, we always look back and wonder why we got stressed about it, wonder why we worried. We realise its rarely as bad as it seems at the time.

This happens in alot of areas of life. We beat ourselves up too much, way too much…

That’s been the case lately with getting this site back to normal and me up to speed, you see the world of blogging and webuilding, etc has moved on! ALOT! 😆

Luckily I didn’t get to the stage of pulling all my hair out!

But I had been through all this before when I started blogging, this time I do have the benefit of the memory bank, slowly things fall into place, with a few new things to learn, few I say,… 😉

Mobile friendly is essential

WordPress has certainly changed alot over the last few years, behind the scenes the plug ins and themes have really jumped forward, alot of parallax, I know, baffled me too, but its all those banners and such with move, slide, you see an example on the bike hire site I wrote of in a recent post.

Many of the changes are just down to the fact so many access the net via mobiles, ipads, tabs, either with apps or a mini browser. More than that, google will rank pages sites, better if they are multi-platform friendly, this ensures webmasters and bloggers do implement the changes needed to make your experience better, whatever you use.

I don’t feel this look is outdated personally, but a tweak or two here and there will bring it right up to date. Nevertheless, what’s important is the site stay’s easy for you, the reader to use, pointless if any changes just annoy people, not one to jump on the bandwagon. 🙂

Userfriendly is key for me, I’d rather let you know I’m gonna change it before hand, and I’m sure I’ll find out before long if it is a good or bad move. People don’t like change, but change is unavoidable, esp online, so I hope mines a subtle change.

Out with the old in with the new as they say, spring seems a good time to um, spring clean. 😆

Less is more, why we shouldn’t be afraid to make the changes

Too often we all get wary of making changes, like a new layout, deleting old posts, or changing them, decluttering, trying to keep up with the majority… and it is crazy, our learning curve is unique, so go at that pace of change. 😀

The old adage less is more rings true in many cases, at least you can usually find that “more benefit” by the “doing or having less”. . . with most things you do. It all takes one step a time. But by doing a little less than expected of yourself you achieve more satisfaction from a job done well, rather than ok and after feeling so must stress!

Stress is shit!

Less is more when it comes to sorting this out for me, theme wise I have been considering changes, but I like what I know at the moment, so I’ll just tweak as I go along while learning more about the new aspects. I’ll wait till I see a theme that really grabs my attention before I change it, then make that my own. Hardly any two are ever the same these days.

Being so adaptable, there’s no reason to have a standard look theme really, make it yours, stand out. Own it. 😀 Good designers would do well with creating themes and selling as packages etc. If you can do it, it’s worth doing but do it well.

The old posts here need sorting out, I hear others say we shouldn’t really delete content, but if some is crap it may as well go, no point having a good blog from here on and google as well as others are seeing a good half, backed up by some crappy post among the good ones of the past.

Better to go back, edit and add quality and value to the old post, or delete it. If too much hassle archive the whole damn thing and start again, no biggie.. you can have an archive available, or turn it into a pdf for a free download… pdfs don’t get ignored. Then start again, fresh start, blank page, head full of ideas.

Better to alter, update, then improve all round, so from here on what went before matches whats coming. 🙂

Better ideas, better planned out, better results

Results matter of course else we wouldn’t do any of it yet it’s easy to lose track of why results happen, or what makes the result happen, which is one reason to not change too much any one time… the beauty of it all is every little thing is trackable. 🙂

Big results quite often come from a little thing.

Ideas are ten a penny and all worthless unless acted on, I always had some neat ideas I wanted to do but there was all too often a stumbling block somewhere, often due to me just simply not being able to implement them. There are now plug ins that make some things doable, only problem is others have started doing similar stuff. . . . Sods law that. 😉

Still have a few of my own, getting them done is what counts.

Planning stuff is too important to ignore, I learnt the hard way there. This time I shall know what I’m doing and when. No mad rush though, at my own pace.  🙂

Change is as good as a rest, Iv’e had the rest, let’s change!
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