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No Ope if nothing changes!

Organised religion, politics, war, control, prejudism, dogma, hate, division, labels, lack of empathy… all these things splitting us apart from each other, from ourselves, what we should be, one, we have forgotten who we are.

You can’t even talk about it without people getting angry, spouting hate, trying to ridicule to feed their own ego. Tis a sad situation and I fear most don’t realise they are creating it.

Why do so many allow this to be?

Because you deserve it… am I serious? Yep… here’s why…

The magnificence of creation by frequency

Creation, yours, ours, what is created is created by someone and everyone and half the time the masses don’t realise they are creating, therefore can’t see the bad they also create, even if conscientiously unintentional, it’s still created.

You are a creator, together we are collective creators… together we are THE creator, we create the world we live in. There is conscience and collective conscience.

A very powerful creator, one that’s manipulated endlessly by the powers that be, and those above them, via the media, news, films, books, magazines, music, games, even food and this crap gets sucked up willingly by the masses, all this has a frequency, a frequency YOU create by resonating with it.

All that media, films etc, driven by words, images, is all to manipulate creation created by you the creators, they need you more than you need them, without your creation they have nothing. They desenstise you without you realising it, slowly slowly, yet surely.

Words have a frequency, its undeniable, everything has a frequency, that includes words, spoken, written, doesn’t matter. Even images have a frequency, a resonation.

You all heard that saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” ~ seems to have more truth then we realise and in a way we don’t think about. Their frequency.

You may have seen the water experiments with words, not just spoken words either, pictures, written words, music, if not you should check it out, it’s not something you can fake really.

They hold memory. How much of you, us, is water? Something to think about there. . . πŸ˜‰ How much of the water is in food?

There is no separation with water, every drop on earth goes back to source. It’s an endless cycle. It may explain why I get some of my best ideas in the bath, every thought has been thought before, who’s am I tapping into? πŸ™‚

Here is a fantastic quick lesson from non other than Bruce Lee.

They, the manipulators, tap into the laws, laws we don’t realise we follow yet we know of them, one you know of is law of attraction, this on the scale of the masses is a powerful one, and if we are as one, we are creating as one, attracting as one.

This law is one that many doubt to be real, I learnt the hard way about it myself.

I have heard someone say it’s not real cos I didn’t attract this shit to me, referring to something that they feared, yet when they then says it’s been doing their head in for ages, I say, “so you been thinking about it alot, and fearing it, worrying over it” . . . “so you attracted it faster, harder by thinking like that” . . . A nod of the head, “I supposes so, I didn’t see it like that.”

Divine laws and why I feel they are misinterpreted and abused

I have to say something about divine laws, am I right in saying most believe the divine laws to be the ten commandments?

I don’t follow any religion, that doesn’t mean there isn’t wisdom within them, I just don’t follow them as a whole, the writings and teachings of the religions are ALL man made. I don’t feel it’s right for me to blindly believe and take it literally. So I don’t. πŸ™‚

I feel that over time it’s all been abused far too much.

The divine laws if it means the ten commandments were just a line or two each of wisdom, it’s the attributes man has stuck to them, their meaning, that has caused issues.

Real religion has no labels, we need no labels, these labels cause more grief than most things, even the word God is a label, all religion even gives non believers a label. Labels are something we should be using less, not more. Labels are what divide us. How sad that we reinforce them.

The so called divine laws we don’t need telling to us, we feel it.

Divine laws are something I feel are misinterpreted by all of us, so I can only interpret it my own way, which I feel is the right way, after all, it is a personal thing, the one thing your organised religion doesn’t practice. Religion IS personal.

They give you their version as a whole and what they want you to believe… it’s all to control of the masses. Religion, media etc all controlled by the same cabal.

So they tell you what they want you to believe the ten commandments are, rather than what they really are, how they resonate with you personally, what meaning feels real to your soul, not ego. Being egoless is smart.

These manipulators like you you using ego.

Symbology is their trigger tool for creation

And fear is their driver. They love to have us in fear, fear is a low resonating frequency, love is a high one.

Symbology is a powerful thing, it has meaning and only you set that meaning in motion, even if you don’t know about it. Think on that, what symbolgy do you see out there during your normal day? More than you realise is my bet. You may not even think it’s deliberate symbology, but chances are it is.

Look at business signs, shop signs, buildings, adverts, your money, hand signals people do, number sequences, like seeing 11;11 everywhere… this all matters! Twin towers itself seemed to be saying as such, look at the fear that created.

Hand signs, you see people doing this daily, teens out in the streets and it all starts when famous people in front cameras start doing it, they do it for a reason, it’s meaning, yet the teens don’t have a clue about that, they willingly reinforce them.

Hidden meanings in plain sight. That’s symbologys power.

It is simply enough that you see it, for seeingΒ it reinforces it and it’s meaning, intent. Don’t doubt this point, it’s a very subtle yet powerful tool they have there, they know the power of the mind better than we do, they almost know our minds better than we do!

A very powerful use of symbology that you can all relate to is music videos, LP covers, photoshoots in magazines, maybe cartoons, soap operas, they all have them and hidden in plain sight. Once aware of what to look for, you can’t help see it, that is the power to those “in the know” those the messages are intended for, to feed on, it’s ALL energy!

If you doubt this, you should go look at the reality, do some researching and you soon see what I mean. It’s pervasive, everywhere!

All to create a frequency, to create a reality… One we are creating and not for our benefit!

It’s your fault, whether you meant it to be or not, and what you can do to change it!

You are responsible, changing this is not as hard as we think though. It may seem like big changes to do it all but even small changes mount up. Especially if done en mass. That’s something that genuinely scares them I think, for they would lose control of you, us.

If anything cutting off the biggest influences they have over us would be the way to go if you can only make small changes to your life. One of these is to stop using their media. Oh my, the tv, newspapers, gossip filled magazines, films, how can you be without them?

Trust me, they are crap, they are killing you, your soul, even if you don’t realise it!

Having spoken to lot’s of people who have indeed stopped using this manipulating media not one said they missed it, all said daily life was happier for it, they owned it!

Replace that crap with what resonates highly to your soul, whether that’s certain music, or painting, writing, walking in nature, taking photos, baking, riding ya bike, running, whatever, it’s a better thing to do than suck up their manipulative crap.

If you have kids get them outside more often, get them away from game consoles, tv’s and all that crap, it’s killing them at their most creative time of life, let them run riot in their creativeness. . . who knows what genius they come up with!

One small act of kindness changes the world. Most of us have heard that, it’s got a huge bite of truth to it. Go feed the needed with whatever kindness they need.

Love is everything they hate us to have because it’s so powerful and resonates with a high frequency. Love thyself, and not in the ego driven way is something a lot of people seem to forget to do, at times I bet we all do. Something we should work on.

I have a few sayings I often post on social media…

Love all, Trust few, Harm non…

That is pretty much straightforward as you can get, doesn’t need explaining to anyone. πŸ˜†

Thank you for showing me all that I am, and thank you for showing me all that I am not.

We are but a reflection of ourselves in others, others are but a reflection of us in themselves. We all hold a mirror up to each other, therefor ourselves. We can only work on one, ourselves!

That’s why this post is to me as much as anyone else. πŸ™‚

Changing habits of a lifetime can be a good move, look at the foods we eat, if that saying we are what we eat is correct, likely it is, we should be way more careful than what we are. Organic seems pricey, but what price health?

Also taking into account the water experiment I mentioned, what does our food, drinks hold?

I have personally been making changes to my food and drink intake, juicing more and such, it interest me what changes are happening, will happen, I’ll probably write about it sometime.

Feed other peoples creativeness, buy that painting you liked, share that photo you saw on facebook, instagram, blog, you liked, ( if the owner don’t mind! ) and feed into peoples creativeness, for if we aren’t creative, we are destructive. Same coin, two sides… we know what side the manipulators like us to use.

Creation is a powerful thing. In ALL forms. πŸ™‚ Use it wisely.

When you see negative symbology, say to yourself I reverse that to its creator. πŸ˜‰

Lastly but not least… BE your true SELF. πŸ™‚

It’s amazing to be you, awake. . .

Over to you… Β πŸ˜‰

I’m relying on you to change the world!
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