Managed to take a few photos today…

Spotted this tanker of Chesil, Thought the sea wall here made a good “frame” of sorts, for it.

Sorting them photos out takes my mind of the recent hassles here. 😉

Else I’ll be sinking a beer or two in frustration before long and I’m no drinker… 😉

Mind, you I wont say no to a Guinness … 😉  >>>>  over there… 🙂 Cheers!

I also grabbed a short video of the waves lapping Chesil beach for the Portland Facebook page banner…

Here is that video… 🙂

Lovely. 🙂

Lucky us, living here.

Must admit, it’s interesting seeing videos on the top of Facebook pages. Wouldn’t have thought they would be doing that a few years ago. Shows how fast it all changes.

Having a product to sell, and using a Facebook page to promote it seems to be something I have seen, the video tends to be the person talking of it, a proper sales video done well… 😉

Bet some succeed well at that.

I’m off to have my dinner now. 😉

Chesil Beach and a video…
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