That was interesting.

I really wasn’t sure about doing videos as I have never been comfy on camera and to be honest I never thought my speech was gonna be quite good enough. 

Problem is I compared it all the hearing people around me, which is never going to work as it will never quite match that level anyway. Lesson learnt. 🙂

The last post was sharing my first video and it was just something that had bothered me so I spoke of it. I do have a few things I want to talk about. . . so it should be interesting from my point of view how it goes and hopefully you get something out of it, as that IS the aim. 🙂

Youtube is also the second biggest search engine online so it could be a benefit in the long run. 😀 Thinking SEO… well, you have to. 😉

So I will carry on doing the videos… see where it leads.

Here was one I went on to do at Church Ope here on Portland. Given me some great ideas for the other sites. 🙂

Any thoughts on that or anything related? 

Are there things you would like to see me doing videos of?


Church Ope Portland on Video
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