I HATE bullies!!
It’s unbelievable how rude and cowardly these bullies can be… they are among the BIGGEST hypocrites I have ever met.

Thinking it’s ok to bully people yet as soon as someone stands up to their bullying on the forums… they get banned?
Hows THAT for PURE cowardly actions?
Just like REAL bullies offline… don’t like not getting away with their bullying.

Cowards and hypocrites…the owner has even had ex members start a site up glorifying their hatred of that owner… says it all.

Astonishing… simpleminded cowardly idiots!
The situation reflects far more on those bullies than anyone else.

Cowards and bullies are really SAD.

Cowards and bullies on forums
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One thought on “Cowards and bullies on forums

  • May 15, 2009 at 6:41 am

    Don’t forget about disguised forum bullies as well.

    Like a fake member of a forum such as (insert ‘Joe’s Nintendo Forum’ here) *Yes I made that name up and it’s boring so sue me.*

    and then the member or members use their rank to riddicule newbies who aren’t used to the forums or the setup though it’s usually worse if Joe has a religious/spirtual section.

    You usually see these bullies posting fanboy crap that makes them “look cool” when they really look stupid.

    Sometimes those bullies have “Yes people” that agree them and you are fighting an army ratio of 10-1 with you being 1 and the moderater turns a “blind eye” to it or act like your the trouble maker. 🙁

    The imposter:

    A popular bullie is someone pretending to act like the moderator when a newbiew comes on that ‘Joes Nintendo forum’ with an innocent question such as.

    Subject: Nintendo Wii technical issues:

    Thread “How do I get my Nintendo WII disk to work? as I’ve tried everything!”


    it keeps going back to the memory card selection scene and my disk is throughly cleaned and no scratches.

    The bullie says: “How many times have we seen this newbie crap!?”

    Or the “Are you blind? Read the F—–g manual dude and stop making pointless topics like this, Newbies are like so retarted they don’t understand the search button RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEM!”

    So what? Let’s contact the forum Admin/Moderator but wait that doesn’t always work…………………….

    Sometimes those bullies have “Yes people” that agree them and you are fighting an army ratiol of 10-1 with you being 1 and the moderater turns a “blind eye” to it and doesn’t respond or sugarcoat it.

    The Mod may act like your the trouble maker cause the moderator is afraid to lose their veterans who puts time and contributes to the site . 🙁

    The newbie may go away feeling depressed and it could lead to suicide like a girl I recently learned about which I never knew about before…………..

    YOU could save a life be making a friendly message.

    If you are too emotional to drive on the internet then stay off of it as I learned the f—–g hard way myself when I said something mean.

    I didn’t know what a cyberbully was back then. Never heard the term but now I am aware.

    I hope if that victim sees this that I am sorry and now I’ll be a criminal by the angels of Heaven since I can’t redeem myself now.



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