engine optimisation to those of you who don’t know what that means.
SEO…if you blog, have a site and why it SHOULD be important to you.

If you are building blogs, websites, or plan to, it will definately pay to try and understand basic SEO, as it will become a source of main traffic for your site…if done right.

Theres the rub, SEO is a constant changing thing as the SE’s need to keep the searches relevant, while keeping on top of those that use unethical methods to fool the SE for higher placing, often called “black hat”

But you SHOULD be in this for the longer term so you want to be “white hat”.. so it pays to
get it right and ethical from day one.
Give the SE’s what they want and you get what you want!

Simple… CONTENT… relevant content… but you still need to utilise all the relevant parts of SEO to make the most of your CONTENT, content on it’s own won’t cut it.

There is alot of advice out ther regarding this yet it is also in constant change, so what works today may not in 3 months.. this is why it pays for you to learn and keep abreast of what you need to know, what effects your work…not everything works for everyone!

Master the basics and you will have a great head start on new sites you make, while also being able to learn the next thing easier as it most likely follow on from what you already know.

Master the basics, and implement on every new site.. and you would see a big difference than had you just built blindy.

Give the SE’s what they want and you get what you want!

Go better and give them what they REALLY want…


Add that to good SEO practice and you can’t go far wrong.

As a blogger myself I know blogs can get indexed quickly and often but I now feel that it is NOT the best way to go about getting indexed, it works yes, but it is NOT the best..

I recently read a free book, which explained quite nicely about this and it IS easy to try it and see for yourself.. I have to say it is VERY simple yet a great way of starting to see why SEO is important… so a good place to start would be this book.

Grab the backlink book, and read it.. a short but clear read to those who are new to it..
Or thinking of article writing..;)

After you read that and it makes sense… which it will… whatever you know or don’t know about SEO.
You may wish to really get to grips with SEO, and if you ARE planning new sites etc, then NOW would be the best time to digest this.

For it is the most CURRENT SEO information.. proven by being a bestseller itself.. proof is in the pudding.. and the guy has sites at the top os the SE’s…say no more.

I AM planning a few sites and I WILL get the SEO right from the start, that work will pay off for years to come AND will be far more profitable to me… far more than the book cost!

But NOW with the recent google’s delisting of all the crap sites there is a gap to step in and climb that SE ladder.. a better chance for the REAL content to shine…and stay there.

Want to dominate a niche? Build lots of quailty sites catered for that niche.. if you get 4 or 5 in that top 10 on will see a massive boost to traffic and profits.

If they provide QUALITY CONTENT, there is a good chance they stay there.

Best of all ALL your future sites you can build with quality SEO in mind from the off and that has to worth doing.
So I would definately recommend you grab the book sooner than later and capitilise on the recent changes.

Plan well.. act on the advice, deliver quailty and you have a winner or two… ;o)

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