At times it can be a little frustrating doing all this online lark, other times, things can be pretty rewarding.

Today was a bit of both for me…

After writing the last post here and wondering what the hell was wrong with some people

I then get two messages both saying it was a post they related to, having experienced that sort of thing… and were glad I had done it.

Then someone else buys me a beer… ah thanks… you know who you are. I appreciate it… it will be a Guinness when the snow lets me in the pub! 😆 Beers are over there >>> 😉

So, I had swung from being annoyed at some people to being pleased by some other people.

That was people…

Then something else…

You guessed it… Technology!


I had to do a few things to the other site on Portland-Bill and started getting annoyed at the theme set up over there, so, instead of worrying…or pulling my hair out, I just made a cup of tea, sat down and got on with it and before ya know it, I had it sussed. 🙂

WordPress is so adaptable, you could run five different sites and all have a different set up in the dashboard so they are pretty much different in all… depends what you use. Here I use the basic set up and do post in the normal fashion.

On Portland Bill a page builder style set up is on there…. and it’s different, interesting though once you understand it. 🙂

In a way, I’m glad it was set up on there by Dan before I started using it… else I would never have tried it. It has some great useful functions. You could do some great looking sites with that set up. 🙂  Parallax and it’s odd scrolling affects aren’t so bad after all.

I don’t think I will add it to this site for now.

I like it clean and simple. But I will definitely stick to WordPress now, no way I would use anything else.

If I build any more sites, I will be using WordPress every time.

Good enough for them

I can see why so much of the internet is using this platform of WordPress, altogether around 25 – 30% of the whole internet! … and some of the biggest companies and people in the world use it…

Facebook, The New Yorker, Official Star wars blog, (yep 😉 ) BBC America, Sony Music, MTV news, Beyonce, Playstation blog, Microsoft News canter, cPanel blog, it’s even good enough for the worlds fastest man in Usain Bolt, Time Inc, Rolling Stones… and more… you get the idea. Every site looks different too.

Tis good enough for me. 😉

So now I have also subbed to a few great WPress tips based sites to get more out of it. You may well see changes here over time. 😉

With the Portland Bill site I will stick to how it is for now, I aim to just get writing more for it get the traffic numbers up, SEO (search engine optimisation) needs sorting out so it ranks on search engines like google.  It matters. I want it ranking well for the specific keywords I use. 😉

The traffic is picking up, a couple of 100 visits a day at the moment… 😉

If you are a local and would like to write a guest post or two for the Portland site, please do get in touch. Click this Portland Bill and you to see more.

I was hoping a certain someone would be joining me in doing the Portland site, think they would have loved it too but, (they could contact me if they fancied it) but right now, no go, so… hoping to get some guest posters. Could it be you?

You may also wonder why I am writing so much… well, google likes active sites. 😉

So do people… 😉

Please do share this post. 🙂

A day of two halves…
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