R.I.P bad customer service, hope to never rise again.

While the demise of a once great company, Woolworth’s, that was a boon for all the members of the family, be it mums grabbing an impulse buy, or the kids loving the “pick’n’mix” sweet section is a shame, I do sympathise with the workers and the loss of work should it happen.

Sadly it’s not only Woolworth’s, but all of the stores, Woolworth’s just left it too late to change things round, doubt it will be the only one though!

Like many other big stores, the real blame has to lie with the top heavy management and the serious loss of customer touch they once had. To often taking the customers for granted.

I can understand the workers anger, but like in most big stores, it’s often a nightmare to get anywhere at any rate. Often patience runs out, the customer changes their mind and leaves without buying.

Also like buses that never seem to come alone but always in threes, there seems to always be a huge queue and a lone till working, even though there are often 4 or 5 of them, if you are lucky there may be two tills going, next to each other and those on the tills are “chatting” to each other…passing items through the scanner hardly noticing the shoppers.

The customers are naturally going to tighten their belts anyway with the current economic climate, they will now choose wiser too and customer service plays a huge part in that decision.

It’s no coincidence that “smaller” shops have a regular loyal customer base, they are made to feel welcome each and every time. Where would YOU shop?

It’s not a new thing, customer service quality has dropped massively over the last 20 years.
The rise of the multinationals has lowered the pleasure of the customer experience, go to any big supermarket and you are just one of many, not really any personal service at all.

What if all the workers OWNED the company?

Think that would make them more inclined to make you feel special?

Woolworth’s is for sale…£1 !!

Yeah, maybe there are huge debts etc, but if that was something doable wouldn’t it better than the total loss of it?

Personally if I took over that chain, I would scrap buying alsorts from any other place in the world and stock ONLY British produce made locally to the relevant shop.

Regardless, businesses are what makes YOUR life possible, look around you, EVERYTHING you have is created by a business, can you go without anything you use?
Your mobile?
Your PC?
Your cooker?
Your TV? etc.

Can you remember HOW the seller made you feel when you got any of these?
How they treated you?

Those who treat customer service as important as anything else will prosper.
Those who don’t…die out!

Customers are what make businesses work!

“Death of bad customer service”
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2 thoughts on ““Death of bad customer service”

  • November 28, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    Great article. I hope your post starts to wake up businesses. This is as true in the States as it is in Britain. If businesses don’t start putting their customers first they will soon be out of business. Customers have unlimited choices of where to spend their money. Your concepts will help keep customers.

  • November 28, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    Thank you Laurie.

    Thats very true, it really prooves that old adage…

    “Customer IS king”.

    Rightly so, without them, there is no business.

    Thank you for your comment snd kind words. :o)



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