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I despair at some people sometimes. Why are some people so damn self centered that they feel they can treat people however they like… use them, hurt them, damage them even, and not care one little bit.

These people even do it to their own kids… what is wrong with people?!

Why is so often those you don’t expect to be that way too, they project a good image and yet underneath it they are so nasty and selfish it makes you wonder how they hide it so well, and how they got to be like that in the first place, sadly many are damaged by other people before hand.

The problem I have with that is…


You make a choice to be that nasty person, someone may have messed you up or hurt you in the past and I am sympathetic of that, but it’s hard to feel that when you then do the same to others knowing what it is like. People like you should know better than anyone the damage it does.

You could have been better, treated others better, in spite of what others did to you, you chose not to. Hope you are proud of yourselves?! 🙁

You do realise people do find out what you are like, after all, nothing is kept quiet forever.

Nothing. Those you hurt will tell someone…

One day though you will have to face judgement and no one will judge you as much as yourself. No matter what excuse you have you will answer for your actions and you will not be able to avoid it. If you believe in god, even more shame on you! More reason to judge your actions now and change… for your own sake. Then apologise to those you treated like crap!

I heard something yesterday about someone I know that sickened me, I mean really made me feel sick. Won’t say what or who, but trust me… not what I expected from them. At all.

No excuses

There are no excuses for treating people like crap, using people, hurting people in any form, mentally, emotionally, physically … do they forget it hurts them in the long run?

There really is no excuse, you have to take full responsibility of your own actions, no matter what has happened in your past, don’t say it’s not possible, I KNOW it is. And there are millions of others who are decent in spite of issues they have faced.

They are just better people than you are. 100% …

So, really, what is your excuse?

You may only be like that after drinking… well, you made a choice to drink, they don’t call it the devils sauce for nothing! You have a real drink issue if this is the case. Face up to it. Deal with it…

Before you hurt more people. If not, there is the proof you really are a selfish self centered person as you know what you are like with drink.

If you can’t see that you really do have an issue, it may well be that you have a split personality, and the nice you is unaware of the nasty you. Only comes out when you drink, get angry.

A scary and painful thing if I am to be honest about it, after seeing it myself in someone, several times. Yet there are many people like this… Jekyll and Hyde. Get to the doctors and get diagnosed properly. Or get off the drink! Seriously.

For your own sake as much as everyone else around you. If you are like that to partners, stay single till you sort it out, as it’s not fair to treat people that way. At all. If you are like that to a partner when you have children around too… then you really are in need of changing. You realise you are also also influencing them too.

Change is hard

Yeah, we all know that, but who get’s to benefit from that?

First step is admitting you need to change. If you know it, then do something about it. Because it’s you that gets the biggest benefit from it, after all what you need to change effects every area of your life in reality as it’s part of you.

But it also benefits everyone around you, you may not think change will be appreciated or noticed by all, but if it is by yourself and those around you that matter… that’s all that counts.

The thing is is if you don’t change you are at risk, you are also very vulnerable as much as others are. If you don’t understand that, think on what you stand to lose. Think on what the worse is that can happen to you, because of your actions. Or if unaware of it, ask those who see your hidden nasty side!

Yeah, hard to change, but sometimes a change is the only thing left. Change yourself before you change other people for the worse by your actions.

I am losing faith in people, because of people like you. I won’t be the only one at this rate.

Makes me wonder, so many humans so little humanity. Sad. Being alone ain’t so bad at times.

Over to you…

What’s wrong with you …

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