no idea what happened, looks like wordpress updated and bingo, the blog sorted itself out nicely. Well it’s at least how I need it to be, not going to the old set up.

May well have to delete that old set up completely and redo the post, maybe improve them.

So… At last, back to how it should be and a few changes made and more to come yet so it’s looking better on that score.

I have a better plan of action to get cracking with in regards to this blog and other things I’d like to get started with, all good to keep me active. . .

So, whats happening now, well interestingly enough I seem to have found a dire poet in me due to life and its strange ways of teaching us things, love, strife, you know what I’m getting at.  😉

Pain, heartache and stress does strange things to people.

I was hurting, from nowhere all these poems started pouring out of me, I were writing them and then sharing them immediately to my Instagram page.

It was odd but strangely therapeutic and it certainly helps getting it out while the flow happens, healing benefits have happened in a way now. Bonus 😉

The dire poet part itself was an amusing thing and I even wrote (yep you guessed it) a poem about it 😉 …

This happened last year…


Misspelled text sent,

fire in the port,

it was meant to be,

in laughter your sides went,

dire in the poet,

instead sent by me,

“dire poet” you replied,

I took a look,

I nearly spilled my cup of tea,

laughed till I nearly died,

dire poet it will be,

the name for the book,

which I hope you read,

a dire poet I am indeed.


I have never been a big fan of poetry and certainly never really had this kind of thing happen before, I did think I might have banged my head at some point. 😉  I have tried writing poems before but it’s very different when you try to force it compared to when it just happens.

I like it though, so I will carry on.,. as long as the flow is going. 😉


Where do all these poems come from,

Honestly I’m really not sure,

Like a bird with endless song,

I wasn’t like this before,

A life it’s taken of it’s own,

A flow of words I can’t seem to stop,

Like insistent knuckles rapping a door,

Out of it all I have grown,

Words onto the screen I drop,

Picking my heart up off the floor,

This dire poet I now own!


I started many for a book which I am half way through doing, with pictures and such, not sure who of you have used self publishing like amazon etc, but it does look like an option to create real books as opposed to ebooks only. . . any advice?

I found my mind making poems from various areas of life and experiences, even writing poems about my past which was interesting, strange how memories can be interpreted.


I was nine, fell down a pothole,

playing football and I was in goal,

the ball shot through the fence,

a gap and into the quarry I went,

I picked up the ball and jolted round,

as I heard my friend shout some sound,

something about “mind the….”

whoosh I suddenly fell,

a crazy experience down there I’ve yet to tell,

it crossed my mind, had I landed in hell?!


 I even wrote a few about the mind and such matters 😉


If I delved into your mind,

probed your thoughts,

what would I find,

would it be fraught,

with turmoil and pain,

like this heart of mine,

or stable and clear,

without guilt and shame,

full of memories held dear,

if I delved into your mind,

what would you fear?


I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed doing them, what are your thoughts on poetry?  Normal writing will be back though.

I must admit some of the poems I wrote are really raw, not for others eyes, maybe only the person it’s aimed at. Who is welcome to come see them. 😉

I’m just glad to have this blog working right again and now I can crack on with more writing and get plans into action. Watch this space!

Can I ask you all a small favour? please share this post directly onto Facebook from the icon below. I am interested in seeing if it all works still. Thanks 🙂

A dire poet
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2 thoughts on “A dire poet

  • February 6, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    Carry on writing…… it’s a fabulous therapy we can all share

    • February 6, 2018 at 9:48 pm

      Thanks Lesley, I agree, I find writing a great release, and it’s interesting going back and reading old stuff we write… 😉 Must admit poetry is a different kind of thing altogether, I like writing it now. 🙂


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