Morris Minor... Classic! 🙂

Traffic, in the world online is nothing minor… it’s the lifeblood of getting somewhere, without it we got nothing, just blogs no-one reads.

Traffic, yeah something we all have to deal with, online and offline! 😆

Another reason I added the facebook like is the links, when you “like” a post the link goes on your facebook profile, (try it) your own friends will see them and if the title grabs their attention, they will lead to traffic. 😉

Yet as I said in recent post, facebook is a walled garden to most of us, so it is limited in some ways, but that stat’s show me facebook does get me readers… thanks to you facebookers. 😀

But… it’s not just you facebook users, it everyone who reads this, shares it, comments here… you are all appreciated.

Taking Roads Always Flowing Forward In Comfort… we wish! 😆

Online traffic though, it matters and even if you have no need for it this post may help you understand some of my intentions, you may wanna help… 😉

Or not…

The main thing that matters is doing something and taking action is where alot of people fall, they just expect traffic to turn up, it won’t, you gotta get promoting somewhere, somehow, sometime.

First thing is… understand we should try as much as possible, but at the same time you need to be able to measure it in some form, that means doing one thing a time if need be, the beauty online is you get results fast, which means fast changes.

The key is not to have all your eggs in one basket, whatever it is, I have been there, when I got 90% of traffic from one forum and when that stopped, bosh… no traffic. A good lesson learnt. 🙂

You gotta mix it up, as we all know… not all traffic is equal.

Mixing it up
My bro! 🙂

The only way you are going to find out what works and what doesn’t is to try things, mix it up and weed out the crap, ramp up the good.

How else will any of us know? 😉

Social traffic is useless in many ways, but in others it’s good, it’s eyeballs, I would never complain if you shared this post on a social site 😆 – where people say it’s useless is in a marketing sense, ads and social media don’t blend for example, but hey, not everything is done for marketing, and who knows what difference one reader could make, no matter where they came from.

This is why you will see people on everything at some point, facebook, twitter, buzz, friendfeed, whatever… if they don’t start it, they won’t get anywhere and once started you should only stop if it’s not worth doing.

Some of these social sites can be awkward to track and measure, use tools that help if need be, you should track as much as possible anyway but common sense tells you alot too and using both helps, track stuff and be firm enough to dump the crap… if it ain’t working, drop it and use time better on what does, because you don’t have to use them. 😉

What works socially for your blog, do better, do more, get more results… rinse, repeat… what fails, dump… 😀

Starting to use other platforms for content with links back to your main blog, or better yet a related post on the blog or site, this would be writing articles for example, you submit to the directories and you have content “elsewhere” which may lead traffic to you.

Guest blogging is another way of doing a similar thing.

Creating Squidoo lenses on any subject related to your blogs, do several from different angles, have them all create funnels of traffic and backlinks to your blog or site, create good lenses and you could flog them! 😉

Traffic is something we should all strive to get from as many new sources as possible as a way of diversifying the risk of losing any.

Considering I have offloaded a lot of crap, kept what works, I have better time and more motivation to stick more efforts into less… far better to pool all efforts into the few better sites.

So, maybe expect me to try some new ideas here too. 😉

Getting back into it… learning far more about SEO now too. 😀

Be good if you could share this… 😉 Thanks.

Diversify traffic or stall
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6 thoughts on “Diversify traffic or stall

  • July 13, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    Agreed about getting a diversity of traffic, but do note that few are willing to even comment or look at a diversity of blogs.

    The best way to get into a habit of doing something is to make a checklist and do what’s on the list every day. I’d say putting all the different places you want to promote and all the different bloggers and their audiences down on a list and hitting that daily is probably a good start.
    ashok´s last blog post ..Emily Dickinson- “It is an honorable Thought” 946

    • July 13, 2010 at 9:26 pm

      That’s a good point, being organised about it, with a plan is always good, something I struggle with all the time. 🙂

      Organisation was never the strongest point for me. Ah well, that’s something to improve on. 😀
      Rob´s last blog post ..The cross you bear- or why are you angry

      • July 13, 2010 at 11:33 pm

        You can tell exactly what my plan is. I don’t know if it’s going to work; traffic has actually been down considerably since I joined BloggerLuv (down from 300 uniques a day to 150). But the investment in other blogs is being made now with a view to the long term.
        ashok´s last blog post ..Emily Dickinson- “It is an honorable Thought” 946


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