Starting to wonder about blogger, have they missed a trick in taking so long to actually act regarding the blogger changes I looked forward too?

I wonder how many have moved already in that time from blogger to wordpress?

Or just picked wordpress because it was better when they actually made the choice to have a hosted blog.

Blogger asked users for suggestions, notice that post I did there was 3 months ago, I was seriously considering changing it then…but thought I’d wait until I see what changes / improvements were made and yet nothing has happened really, I am starting to wonder if anything will happen at all, even if it does will it benefit those who use their own domain on their own hosting as I do here.

I am now thinking about this whole thing again and wondering if I should just go for it and change this to a wordpress one.

If I do, it will look a bit different to what it does now, seeing as this is a unique look I created from a basic template, what I am slightly nervous of, is the loss of backlinks already out there, because I thought about using the blog on a subfolder, ie.. or a subdomain, ie. so I could do more with the main domain itself.

The benefits of wordpress do seemingly outweigh the cons of sticking to this blogger platform with this blog.

I will still use blogger but only for blogspot blogs really.

If the wordpress is better then it’s likely I will use it for any new domains, I mean… why wouldn’t I? ;o)

I think blogger need to get cracking really if they want to keep more of us using it.

There is something about the sheer ease of using blogger that does make it appealing in ways but it needs an overhaul and the improvements can’t come soon enough.

Anyone have thoughts on that?
Any tips for the move, if I do it?

Do blogger actually intend to make changes, or are they stalling?
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