Love em or loathe them, they are out there, the Grammar Nazis picking away at any misspelt, badly written, grammatically incorrect, wrongly formatted writing they see.

They matter though.
Because they care.
Even if a little to much, at times.

Like I said recently, your writing will never please everyone, depending on the reader and the intended audience, I spoke of intent briefly on writing, but it’s intent which on different levels, some we just ignore at the time..

Your intent of the message. (why you write it, will they get it?)
The audience that intent is aimed towards.(who you’re writing to)
Assumed intent of non intended readers. (will your next boss see that?!)

I am often wondering, without insulting anyone, if people abandon all common sense sometimes when they write something online, be it a status on a social networking site like facebook, twitter, or a blog post, forum post, whatever.
Perception is important itself, more so when it’s so easy to find what people have written online, all indexed here there and everywhere.

No wonder people are catching partners out on social sites and more, bosses are looking up prospective employees, potential partners are searching information about them online.

It matters when it comes to some of the potential audience.

The smart ones are often fishing for the right audience… without it even seeming that way.

It’s no coincidence some smart writers have gained work because of it, but you can bet those people also write at least the right way even in status’s and tweets, they don’t sweat the small stuff so to speak.

You can imagine it, a boss in some niche of sorts, comes across someone on a social site, forum, or similar, liking the style then looking into other writing by them, blogs and websites and similar, thinking “I like this, I could pay that person” … to write a few post a week, or something like a column a week, whatever.

It happens!

And it’s not limited to any niche, topic, passion, business.

Someone with a huge fishing forum and blog getting 20,000 hits a day, everyday, and making £10,000 a month could be reading you, yes you the… “always writing and talking bloody fishing” in your mates, partners, families words… and yet that forum/blog owner thinks… “I like your style, passion, voice, and now I have seen your consistency” and emails you with a great offer!

Why could that not happen to you?

Whatever you do write, wherever it may be, do it consciencely and consistently.

Do it right, or they will get you…
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