Soon you will see I have posted this very post here to the comments in this SEO post on posterous by the co-creator of posterous, in the actual comments! (IF it works as it did earlier!)

Not something that was meant to be part of the experience, I only found out by complete accident, a slip of the key literally.

Why I am doing this right now, like this, is to highlight it, is it a possible “comment spam” risk? I think so.

I get the irony of me doing it to an SEO post, but then that is what is what’s wrong with SEO, it’s gaming the system in some way, what I am doing here could be a form of gaming posterous and the search results maybe just to spread the content…which is why I am not exactly saying how I did this here, but it needs looking into.

Maybe they know it’s possible to do this, maybe not, we will soon know, how long it could have gone before someone realised and started abusing it no-one will know.

That fact is I have done it here. It is a potential issue.

You know where to find me posterous guys. :o)
No offence but I had to show this to you and thought the best way was to do it.

Does posterous have a weakness here?
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