Why I won’t be on Facebook much anymore, I will use it for what I can in order to help with what I do…

I will share post from my sites yet that only seems to benefit my Portland site, not much for this one. . . sadly.

As a place to “chat” and interact and such, I am done with it. It is a massive waste of time and I also notice most of it is drivel… and the place causes more problems than it ever solves.

I mean…

It’s great to use to meet people, it starts many a relationship…  but it also…

Destroys relationships, friendships too. Yeah…

Changes people, often for the worse. Kills trust too. No thanks.

It sucks… in so many ways.

I can’t disable my account as I have a Page I manage for the Portland site, you can check that out here… Portland Bill on facebook… A like would be appreciated.


I will just use it for what I can, share my post and if anyone has any interest they will read it, share it… if not… hey ho.

Losing faith in people sadly so I will concentrate on myself, it seems most people do just that… sod everyone else, as long as I’m ok… that seems to be the norm these days.

So, there you have it… wanna keep up with me, I’m here.

I’ll be more active on here and Portland site. Laters!!

Why I am done with Facebook…
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