This Internet lark is a funny old thing, so to speak.

I was in two minds on how to write this post, after all it’s gotta make bloody sense, yet I want to write something in the way I can explain it, it’s part of me, my style, my stamp, footprint, it’s unique.

The Internet is a massive jigsaw of all these “thoughts and personal ways, styles” you know, does that make sense? ;o)

But more important it’s YOURS, your “long in the future to come family” will see something powerful and meaningful, a part of your life and past.
Something YOU left behind, something that could be significant to them in their time.

Make no mistake almost everything online will be kept…somewhere, google etc will nearly always have it somewhere, the governments will too.
It stands to reason.

THAT is YOUR digital legacy.

This blog is part of mine. ;o)

So…a double legacy we leave in life, the real and the virtual.


It’s interesting thinking of what you write online like that.

Best up the ante eh… :o)

I was thinking about this recently and how SO many of you, readers and my friends are making a BIG mistake, if you use it that is. (if not, why not… ;o))

I am talking about something that has got huge, and yet there is something being “lost” along the line, sadly you may even be doing this, I was until I realised.
It’s going to hurt some of the great writers there when they realise, or read this etc.

It’s OURspaceok
It’s not really your space, yet it is in a massive way…

Let me explain, the people who I know for real, my actual mates offline who use myspace, they ARE as they seem on there, its genuine, real, not fake like all the crap some marketers are using! Real… A MASSIVE part of them in digital, they shine through as the people they really are.

Mine IS real, I am using it how it SHOULD be used, what it was created for….yet it could still get deleted, poof, gone, lost for good.

So could anyone’s, yours, a friends, whatever, so it’s not YOUR space, it’s theirs, Tom’s.
So what…most of you don’t give a shite, it’s just a web-network for you and your mates, where ya gossip and stuff about where ya got pissed at the weekend etc. ;o)

Yeah I agree…so what.

On the other hand…

I just want to share something of interest, see what you think.

I wanna give you some ideas and maybe make sense of something you could be doing, with no real extra effort… ;o)

Something that you could be thanking me for soon enough, I already made ONE great writer sit up and TAKE NOTICE.

Some of you write some seriously good stuff on your myspace blogs, stuff that others not using myspace should be able to read it too.

But there is more to it than that.
Not only could it all be deleted if one of the myspace team didn’t like it.

But you know what?, you are LOSING it ANYWAY!

Yep, those great and I mean bloody great articles, life stories, daily snippets of your life, a part of YOU, you ARE losing it.

I am sad to see it, and I want you to…

STOP doing it!

DO what I write of here, please.

Let me tell you what it was that made me STOP dead in my tracks and think “shit!”
Now I was a little pissed off to be honest.

I was browsing a few blogs some of you do on myspace and stumbled on a great one, read it all, from the bottom up, as it was in order, being part of 4 part series, made more sense to me, to understand that train of thought as they wrote as well as what they wrote.

Well I thought, “I will remember that blog, come back to it and reread it”, I kept browsing, did some work myself etc…

Went back a few days later…the bottom post was gone…a new post had been made and pushed the one off the bottom!

A bloody GREAT article, must have been 1200, 1500 words, THAT is a fair bit of work, believe me. Not only that it was number 1 of the series, new visitors would have lost out in a big way.
A shame to lose that, so I told them…now they know, and I guess will be happy, they may read this. ;o)

STOP losing such quality work you obviously put some serious time and thought into.

You can only post so many on the myspace blog, I can see why with all the traffic myspace gets, the cost being pretty large I would think…having all that!

So…what do you do, and does it matter?

Up to you if you do it, whatever you choose, but I would, considering what some of you write, it’s great stuff.

So…start using it to your advantage, and share it better and further.

You know, just like what you read here, its a simple blog, start one, and you know what it will take up hardly any of your time…yet will last alot longer and has far more benefits on the bigger picture, than not doing it.

Let me tell you what you should do… continue doing what you are… “eh?” you ask.

Keep blogging away your great stuff on myspace, but before each post, save the one at the bottom, or better yet save as you do them, then simply post one on your blogger blog, like this is.

Then post your new one on your myspace, and the one you lost at the bottom, is on your new blog, have a link in your myspace blog going to your blogger blog for newer readers.
A link to your myspace page on your new blog too.

And it’s YOUR content, your work, your legacy. ;o)

Less than 5 min’s work that is!

More than that it gives you a real satisfaction that you have it ALL on one site, one that is yours, your real space!

The amazing thing about this Internet lark is all the talent that has come out, people who never thought they could write ARE writing, and very well too.
People are doing things now that one time would take ALOT of work, getting in print for the world to see.

Sharing yourself, all in your words, pictures etc.

All of you can write, and articles on your passions are a great way to share your knowledge with other like minded people.

Don’t think for a minute you CANT write…almost ALL
of you CAN, and do, very well without realising it sometimes too.

Anyone can write… just as I said in the last post, try it and see what you can do if you have yet to set up a page, myspace or blog. I would read it, if you let me know of it. ;o)

You superb myspace writers, get a bloody blog set up!


Double legacy
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2 thoughts on “Double legacy

  • March 5, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    Hi Rob, Great post!

    I find potential “bloggers” on MySpace every week – people who obviously have a flair for writing and would make a great addition to the “blogosphere” – and encourage them to start their own blog outside of MySpace… so I agree with what you are saying here.

    However, ALL of my blog posts on MySpace are still there – none have disappeared. As far back as March 2006, which was my first. The only posts that have disappeared to date are the ones that I personally deleted.

    On the main profile, you can click “View All Entries” and from there you can go further back than current entries by clicking Blog Archive.

    If there are posts disappearing completely, I’ve not seen that… and havent experienced it on my own account. Still, I agree that its great to keep a backup of your pieces at the very least… and that blogging in other spaces online is a great idea!

    Lynn Terry

  • March 5, 2007 at 4:46 pm


    You are right, I completely missed the archive box!

    Doh… slaps forehead!!

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    I agree there are some great “should be” Bloggers out there.



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