You come home, after a rubbish date maybe, or maybe that person you liked went off with someone else, or abandoned you while claiming to go and use the loo.

Or maybe you let yourself down a bit, now slightly worse for the wear…

We all know what happens, you normally do something overly silly which you end up regretting in the morning, you then let yourself down even more.

Normally… You decide to let your drunken anger out online at someone else, too often at the wrong person… cos all you see is a screen! 

Happens to many some of us. We are all daft at some point. Some are all the time! 

Some of us go on Facebook or Twitter and rant some stupid things.  You know someone who has done it, or does it often. It’s a daft thing to do when it’s public.

Drink and social media was never a good mix.

Done it myself… just rambled and ranted rubbish… several times! 

It’s not good or clever and normally makes you look a bit of a div. Which you realise the next morning! I did! 😉 

If you have more sense, not much more, but more… You may have decided to send someone en email… or a text, which is at least private. 😆 

Posting a comment on a blog… which luckily didn’t get posted as it was marked as spam, is another daft idea. Luckily if it didn’t get published and it saves you further embarrassment. Blessing in disguise. 😉

Just because it doesn’t get published it doesn’t mean I don’t see it or I don’t have it saved, posting as anonymous while you aren’t really, is never a good idea.

I do like getting comments on here though. Comments in general are always welcome … except drunk abusive threatening ones full of lies and digs and  contradictions, or anything like that, they most certainly aren’t… ever. Just stay sober!!

The funny thing is, the drunk person will probably forget all of what they wrote. It happens… too often. 

Makes interesting Sunday reading for someone though! 😆

Next time… just get in touch and talk like an adult if it concerns me… if not, take your crap out on the right person. 

Have you ever done this? Drunk posting… Drunk commenting?

What did you learn most from it? 😉 

Drink and social media do not mix
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