Email marketing, done right it’s a goldmine

Always welcome, apart from spam! 😀

Email marketing… the one thing I see preached everywhere as being the best thing to do… which I think is mainly hype, I say that as someone who tried it and as someone who reads newsletters and such, most are pushing crap, no matter what niche it is, there are a few email marketers who mainly give out solid information with the occasional pitch… that’s fair enough in my view.

Others are just pitching almost every email (read: permission spam) not the right way to go about it… else I’d still be on the list! 😉

Done right, email marketing has to be a goldmine if it’s in a niche that at least makes some sales, some niches are useless!

If you are going to market by email or start a newsletter, here’s how to really succeed at it…

Make your newsletter the best thing you do!

Seriously, if it’s something you really put all your best and most important content into then people will have to sign up to get it, no? 😉

If it kicks arse… why would they leave? 😆

Let’s face it, if they leave then you have not given more value to them than what they pay you in money, over-deliver and you can’t go wrong.

Most have their newsletters free to sign up to, then pitch occasionally or often in the hope sales will be made, taking a punt on the numbers game working out for them, but…

A paid newsletter may work better

If you really want to not pitch at all… why not make it a paid newsletter and make it very clear on the sign up page, in promotional efforts, why and how they benefit from it from being that way, then stick to making the content so good that these people will gladly keep paying the subscription.

Instead of pitching to the readers, you could then give away your products… yes, more people will have it (no income either, directly) but balance that out over time with subscription fees you get and you should be able to profit and because you are giving good stuff to those loyal to you, they are more likely to feel they are in profit. 😉

Granted, if you have a paid newsletter you may get less readers overall, but when you consider that you pay out yourself for doing the newsletter, often linked to the readership size, it would also benefit you in cost.

Then you realise every reader is a paying one too… and paying customers are always easier to sell anything else too, after all you may not be able to give them someone else’s product, yet the readers (you know) would benefit from said product… making it worth sharing with them… even offer an incentive with a free product of your own, one that you wouldn’t normally share, or one that compliments the pitched product! 😉

Let’s not forget, quite often the cost to create a digital product is next to nothing, so you would have a big profit margin by giving them away to your paying readers and you only have to create the product ONCE! 😉

Promoting your newsletter and creating the best content is then all you really need to work hard at, after all, more sign ups equals more income.

Create a lens to promote your newsletter… asking your existent readers for a few testimonials to help, this is easy to set up and once done, it’s done. 😉

Try to find other high quality newsletters in the same niche and barter some deal with them, offer a freebie in exchange for a great guest newsletter article post on their newsletter, may get more sign ups! 😀

Email marketing … is it for you? 🙂

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