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Email subscribers, awesome people! 😆 >> Pic’s clickable! 🙂

I have myself been getting back into reading feeds more in my Greader since turning off the “community” side of it if with comments and shares being a nuisance rather than a good thing… much better silent, the authors sole “view” and having any “commenting” and discussions going on in buzz.

Just be nice to add any buzz conversation onto this blog directly, if it revolves around the post itself. 😉

More subscribers are always welcome

Have you subscribed to this blog yet? 😉 Like those smart people ->

Once you have subbed by email, I’ll send you a free pdf that you may find interesting … if you are already subbed, use the contact form and ADD the email address you subbed with so I can verify, I will send it to you as soon as I see and verify your request.

Who doesn’t like a great freebie? 😀

And email format is just… nice. 😀 Which is what I use for the ones I like most, mainly because by email I get it once a day, regardless of how many post were created, it all comes in one nice email.

With the bonus of being… Formatted nicely, at least by feedburner and gmail it is. Just content…

But …

I also lose eyeballs on the sidebar… That’s where the ads are etc. I hear ya! Ironical… 😛 Well, this blog looks good on a kindle no doubt … so, go ahead and check the ad out. 😉 ->

Back, or were you reading the feed and missed it? 😆

RSS reader or email?

The thing with feed readers is you can consume far more content in the time used, no clicking out of the window from one blog to the next, just read it right there, then read the next blogs fresh post, then the next all in the same window… unless you have short feeds, those of you who do, you miss out on readers. 😉

The odd thing is that not as many people use readers as we think, I am talking about the real friends you have in your everyday life, unless a geek! 😛

They simply don’t read lots of stuff, they don’t need a reader, at all.

Which is why I feel email subscription works best for the everyday friend, many of whom don’t even know what an RSS reader is! 😉

If they only check their email once a day, they will see the subscription and get all the fresh post(s) made since the last email.

Email for the good stuff and reader for the rest

I am starting to read more of the blogs post I have subscribed to by email than I have before and I am starting to think the stats in the reader are going to be interesting in how they show which blogs I always read and it’s only those I sub to by email.

Soon it will be all email subs and the reader used for “everything else” – Gmail is already a big central for me, so why not use it better and having “labels” and filters makes it simple, now gmail have added a “priority inbox” too … which knowing Gmail will get more intuitive over time. 😉

As I’ve mentioned previously, newsletters for me are being read less, while blog feeds for me are on the rise, yet there are a few newsletters I always read, these newsletters I have read for years and they will still show up as important in gmail, so I miss nothing I want to see.

Gmail is becoming the central portal to my online experience more, it’s email. Email works. Email is universally understood. 🙂

All habits change, if we change them

Habits are changing for me. 🙂 On and offline.

Habits, breaking bad ones and creating good ones, hard to break, easy to make. 🙂

We all have them… online as much as off, some get up, turn on their pc, check emails, then stats for overnight, then feeds, whatever …

Some do their site work if needed, then read news, then check forums, then twitter … etc

Others fire up facebook … not much else 😆

For me it’s about cutting out the mix of habits that connect, overlap, smoking I have to give up and I often light one up while … reading!

Not good, hence me wanting to change some habits, create new ones, and generally improve things all around, as it’s this collection of habits that make up the experience.

Email subs for me are making an improvement, the reader just fills up with feeds just a mess really, auto filling as and when things are posted … most not so important that I need to dive in and pruning and filtering that lot out will make a massive difference, simple with the stats telling you all you need to know … then email sub to the best, done. I can then read at leisure any/all post within one email and when I am less likely to smoke anyway. 😉

If I judge by that criteria, then if you have, or do sub to this blog by email, I am flattered. 😛 As a thanks, I’ll send you that free book. 🙂

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