Baby fed vultures, fat ladies feeding seagulls? WTF!

poor child
🙁 WTF?! Why? 🙁

How much food did you waste this week?

I saw a woman dump a BIN BAG of food in a skip! (Bloody seagulls though!!! They are out of hand! 🙁  )

Yet, we have it easy… until the food chain breaks, then the shit hits the fan, think we could cope? That’s here in the “modern world” where have it “easy” and “set up” ready 24/7, just throw your cash at them and you can have whatever you like, right there, right then.

Elsewhere though …

Makes you think doesn’t it… how sad to see such defenceless children in this day and age… snack food for the vultures!!

Sick, and we all sit by and allow this shit to happen?

We all sit by and watch our own countries take take take … make make make … before you say, “oh we give to other countries who need help”… they shouldn’t BE in that position, there is enough in the world for all.

It was enough to haunt the man who took this picture, he killed himself, and yet, here we are in the world all want, want, want, want… GREED has no real place in life really… disagree?

You know the truth that is … The kindest people are the poorest … says alot doesn’t it?

They are rich in the right way… being rich is not measured with money! 😉 Pity the fool who thinks it is!

Why are our greed glands so easily pumped?

Baffles me really but hey ho, what a fucked up world we live in!

People throwing food away while others end up in bellies of vultures! Makes ya puke! 🙁

Really though… what do you think would happen to our own society if suddenly the electric stopped on a huge scale, it effects everything, most noticeably the food chain. It would be chaos!

Why do we take it for granted so much then? We take power and food, water all for granted.

Like that woman throwing a whole bin bag of food away, even had tins full, I knew that due to the seagulls having a damn good try at picking them up.  But, to throw out all that food… Why?

Those who are self sufficient don’t seem so daft now do they? 😉

They have the real thing, freedom, freedom to live as they want knowing they are not relying on others, if all else screws up, they can eat! They can probably generate their own power too.

The problem is extremes, babies being food for vultures, while fat woman throw bags of food away, we seems to have such extremes like that in this day and age!

In the world wars I bet those two extremes were non existent, the gap between extremes in all areas has widened massively, make you wonder if we are going backwards! When society has to be sensible with things it can… when greed kicks in though, that’s out of the window.

I have to ask, with so much “rooftop” coverage, why isn’t every house covered with solar panels? Put all that coverage together and that’s a HUGE area, all generating sustainable power, a small yet important bit of self sufficiency, live sustainably and you know, it mounts up.

Grow your own food too if you can, I would!

Above all, don’t overshop, then throw food away, I try hard to make sure I never throw food away, I shop like a bloke, in, select shit, out. 😆

It bemuses me when I see panic shopping in supermarkets, people needlessly filling trolleys up with crap, in fear of missing out on food, just because the shop shuts for two days! Pathetic! Then to cap it off, they throw out what they couldn’t eat before the use by dates.

Idiots! The lot of them! They should wake up.

The world really is out of kilter. We all need to pull the extremes in, get onto a beneficial, common narrower path.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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