poor child
🙁 WTF?! Why? 🙁

How much food did you waste this week?

I saw a woman dump a BIN BAG of food in a skip! (Bloody seagulls though!!! They are out of hand! 🙁  )

Yet, we have it easy… until the food chain breaks, then the shit hits the fan, think we could cope? That’s here in the “modern world” where have it “easy” and “set up” ready 24/7, just throw your cash at them and you can have whatever you like, right there, right then.

Elsewhere though …

Makes you think doesn’t it… how sad to see such defenceless children in this day and age… snack food for the vultures!!

Sick, and we all sit by and allow this shit to happen?

We all sit by and watch our own countries take take take … make make make … before you say, “oh we give to other countries who need help”… they shouldn’t BE in that position, there is enough in the world for all.

It was enough to haunt the man who took this picture, he killed himself, and yet, here we are in the world all want, want, want, want… GREED has no real place in life really… disagree?

You know the truth that is … The kindest people are the poorest … says alot doesn’t it?

They are rich in the right way… being rich is not measured with money! 😉 Pity the fool who thinks it is!

Why are our greed glands so easily pumped?

Baffles me really but hey ho, what a fucked up world we live in!

People throwing food away while others end up in bellies of vultures! Makes ya puke! 🙁

Really though… what do you think would happen to our own society if suddenly the electric stopped on a huge scale, it effects everything, most noticeably the food chain. It would be chaos!

Why do we take it for granted so much then? We take power and food, water all for granted.

Like that woman throwing a whole bin bag of food away, even had tins full, I knew that due to the seagulls having a damn good try at picking them up.  But, to throw out all that food… Why?

Those who are self sufficient don’t seem so daft now do they? 😉

They have the real thing, freedom, freedom to live as they want knowing they are not relying on others, if all else screws up, they can eat! They can probably generate their own power too.

The problem is extremes, babies being food for vultures, while fat woman throw bags of food away, we seems to have such extremes like that in this day and age!

In the world wars I bet those two extremes were non existent, the gap between extremes in all areas has widened massively, make you wonder if we are going backwards! When society has to be sensible with things it can… when greed kicks in though, that’s out of the window.

I have to ask, with so much “rooftop” coverage, why isn’t every house covered with solar panels? Put all that coverage together and that’s a HUGE area, all generating sustainable power, a small yet important bit of self sufficiency, live sustainably and you know, it mounts up.

Grow your own food too if you can, I would!

Above all, don’t overshop, then throw food away, I try hard to make sure I never throw food away, I shop like a bloke, in, select shit, out. 😆

It bemuses me when I see panic shopping in supermarkets, people needlessly filling trolleys up with crap, in fear of missing out on food, just because the shop shuts for two days! Pathetic! Then to cap it off, they throw out what they couldn’t eat before the use by dates.

Idiots! The lot of them! They should wake up.

The world really is out of kilter. We all need to pull the extremes in, get onto a beneficial, common narrower path.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Baby fed vultures, fat ladies feeding seagulls? WTF!
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25 thoughts on “Baby fed vultures, fat ladies feeding seagulls? WTF!

  • September 6, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    This is an excellent oulookon waste Rob. As you mention, very little wastage during the war years – everything was rationed, even clothing. Egg was made in powdered form, much like babies powdered milk. Cast off clothing was re-cycled to make new clothing, quite easily done with a little bit of thought! Toys and children’s clothing was passed down to younger children and most families grew their own vegetables and fruit in their own allotments.

    Nowadays the council provide us with re-cycling bins but how many of use all three different types of bins. We do. We never waste any food, do NOT feed the seagulls and newspapers, plastic bottles, dead batteries, all go to the recycling units. It really is quite simple. We have water butts to collect the rain for the garden and save any water possible although this is because we are on a water meter. Clothes are kept for two or three years, sometimes longer, because fashion goes around in a big circle. I was brought up in an era where people were thrifty, a case of necessity. Wages were not brilliant, in fact my first job as a secretary brought me £2 a week working 9-5 with an hour off for lunch 5 days a week and Saurday morning 8.30-1 pm. I bought my own clothes, make up etc and paid my mum for my keep. Not a lot of money to spare but we managed and we were happy.

    Sorry, this comment has turned into a blog of it’s own lol but people should be more conscious of the world we live in and it’s needs.

    An excellent blog Rob, thanks for sharing and hope I picked it up in the right context.

    • September 6, 2010 at 5:07 pm

      Certainly did Sylv, it’s a crazy world we live in, people are not even seeing it, sadly.

      I think the war period although sad due to being a war, they way people started to depend on themselves above all was great, then it went backwards.
      Crazy. If only that kind of attitude got stronger and we became a country totally self reliant, we would be alot happier, alot more stable and alot more bloody grateful 😉

      Sad, but the reality is we screwed up.

  • September 6, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    I had to visit your post twice Rob. I didn’t know what to say the first time I read it. I guess all I can really say is that I am a strong believer in being self-sufficient and self-reliant. I hate depending on other people outside of my own family members.

    Other than that, I really cannot comment on the examples of suffering that you mentioned because it just makes me feel more guilty for living a comfortable life while there are people all over the world in such pain.

    • September 6, 2010 at 6:52 pm

      I didn’t know what to say the first time I saw that picture Kathy… really shocking stuff.

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with living comfortably, just those who seem to want more and more and more… there is no line with that type of person.

  • September 6, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    I live in the Philippines. Lots of poor people here. Financially, I’m one of them though we’re not the poorest of the poor. My family lives in a rectangular place much like a shop. At the end is a small toilet/bathroom 2 1/2 feet square. Before moving in here (renting) I counted the floor tiles. There are 26×7 square feet tiles, including the bathroom. Around us there are better ones and a lot more worse ones.

    There are 5 of us in the family, with children ages 10, 13 and 16. You might think how we can fit in our home. Before moving in here I had to plot which ones to bring and which ones to leave behind. The beds were the first to stay behind. We came from a bigger house but we stayed there temporarily just because of the typhoon that hit us last year that left the place flooded till waist for months. It was also a rented place so it’s easy to leave without regret.

    We don’t have a refrigerator. Everyday I have to buy food enough for the day. I’d go to the grocery for items not needing a ref like oatmeal and wholewheat bread. Everyday food comes from the stores nearby. Food is something I don’t worry about not having because I believe God takes care of that. Yet, we have to do something not to put food to waste. I guess it’s easier to buy food here on a daily basis because vendors are within walking distance. What I can’t buy nearby, I buy in the grocery shop. That’s when I take public transportation. I don’t buy what I don’t need. On occasion I treat ourselves to something special like chicken perhaps. Oftentimes it’s fish, whether fresh or from the can (tuna). Every day, there is nothing to store aside for tomorrow except for some cooked rice (only some times).

    Comfort is learned. So is extravagance.

    • September 6, 2010 at 11:20 pm

      That really puts things in perspective… :/

      Thanks for sharing that with us, humbling in so may ways.

  • September 7, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    this is something I tell my mom often. We buy food together, and she really buys…. a LOT… and we end up throwing some of them that have reached the expiry date. I guess its the thought of some parents that they should give more than enough without realizing that its too much :/

    Just looking at this photo, I thought some government officials fail to see the big picture. They organize these projects so they can have more money in their pockets. It would probably take someone very phenomenal to change the lives of these people who dont deserve to suffer like this.
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    • September 8, 2010 at 12:47 pm

      Think we all buy too much at some point, but those who do it often really are wasting food badly, shame it happens, it would be surprising how much in total the world waste on a daily basis… No excuse for it really. we should all know better. 😉

      As for the “projects” … It’s like charity, the charity rarely gets all of the money.
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    • September 8, 2010 at 12:51 pm

      I agree with you there mate, the problem is, we don’t get enough of these “swift kicks” to remind us. 🙁

      The reality is, the “system” and “authorities” are the ones who really need the kick in the arse…
      Rob´s last blog post ..Money- evil stuff but we all need it…

  • September 8, 2010 at 6:38 am

    Oh god, several people is ready to do anything for some food. You know, many people just sit and see people around them still in hungry. I really sad when i read some article about how the children work very hard for some food and missing their childhood. So, stop the war!
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  • September 15, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    While the post was good and had a very important message what offended me the most was your title and the remarks regarding the woman being fat.

    Why did you feel the need to show such prejudice against this woman by calling her fat. If it were a black man wasting food would you make a racist slur. If it were a thin person would you say Skinny woman wasting food.

    I don’t wish to start a debate, but instead to ask you to stop and think what your prejudice is doing to society.

    By the way I’m a plus size woman who has donated left overs to the less fortune instead of tossing it in the garbage.
    Rose´s last blog post ..How to write titles for your blog posts

    • September 15, 2010 at 9:38 pm

      Hi Rose,

      I agree with not wishing to start a debate, but hey ho, it doesn’t have to be one of them. 😉

      But… saying that…

      Not sure what I am supposed to say, I am deaf… so I know all about prejudiced people, been called enough things in life to know where ya coming from, but you know what, I rarely get offended by people saying “that deaf bloke”… because it’s true.

      No offence is meant to anyone, just she was huge, what am I supposed to say?

      Oversize? Plus sized? What?

      If it was a black man, I’d say… ” a black man” … how is that a slur?

      How is it a racist slur when it’s stating something that’s true? Lost me on that one. 🙁

      The same as body mass that is excessive, it’s called fat, it’s not muscle, or anything else.

      In mind mind and view, you should call a spade a spade… enough with all this soft “PC” crap. It’s done more harm than good.

      I am not one to offend, but I am also never going to please everyone, so what should I do?
      I would be interested to know what you think I should have said?

      The title was supposed to have some impact too.

      Sorry it offended you, can I ask WHY it offended you?
      Rob´s last blog post ..Freelance work- a good foundation for making money online

  • September 15, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    You are unknowing discriminating. Why comment on size at all. It has no baring on the fact as a society we waste food while children are starving in Africa.

    If she were a size 7 I don’t think your title would have read Baby fed vultures, skinny ladies feeding seagulls? WTF!

    Wasting Food – Title

    Second title-

    How you look at a photo of dying child being food for a vulture and still believe in wasting food?

    Change sentence to

    The problem is extremes; babies being food for vultures, while a woman throws bags of food away. We seem to have such extremes like that in this day and age!
    Rose´s last blog post ..How to write titles for your blog posts

    • September 15, 2010 at 10:39 pm

      I was aiming to get an IMAGE into the readers mind with impact upon reading the title, so that was it, I only said the word again once in the post.

      Actually I’m sorry to say Rose, that you would be wrong there… I would have done EXACTLY that had it been a skinny woman… I told it as I saw it, so yes, had it been a stick think woman, I’d have said that. Seriously.

      Why would I change that? Because the fact she was fat/overweight/whatever was making it the extreme…

      The problem is people take offence to damn easy, you know, not being funny but 99% of overweight people can DO something about it, yet they rather get offended at a truth, shame that is, I am deaf, NOTHING I can ever do about that, yet you won’t hear me asking people to call me lesser hearing, or hearing defective, or some other “label”… its deaf… deaf as a post! 😉

      I don’t like labels, but it’s a fact we live with them, we label everything, we can’t hope to NEVER offend anyone.

      The best bet it to learn to not get offended, asking why it offends you then deal with that… that’s what I did, worked for me.

      So, can I ask again…

      WHY did that one word offend you?
      Rob´s last blog post ..Portland Screensaver- unique!

    • September 15, 2010 at 10:48 pm

      Now that is insulting, you are presuming that it’s beyond my understanding, it’s not, please say so, WHY does it offend you?

      What wouldn’t I understand?

      Had I said obese would that have been better?
      Because everyone I know feels that is way more offensive, like saying gross instead of not pretty…

      It’s odd because those “overweight” ladies I know, the happiest ones don’t give a toss about it, they are happy within themselves enough to say it themselves, IE “I better get off my fat ass and do something” …

      Those are happiest that can laugh about it…

      Maybe it’s just a bit different where you are and where I am, that would explain something. A bit like humour, different everywhere.

      • September 16, 2010 at 3:21 am

        No it would not have been better. I never meant to insult you when I said that you you are unknowing discriminating. We all unknowingly discriminate. I said you would not understand because you appear to already been in a defensive mode.
        Rose´s last blog post ..How to write titles for your blog posts

  • September 15, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    May I butt in. In this world we have oversensitive people and others who won’t mind. Between the two, the oversensitive ones are likely to break than the other. If we are on the other side (those who won’t mind), let’s at least think of the others (the oversensitive ones) so they won’t just break. It’s really a personality thing and we can at least respect each other’s personality. We all have our own weaknesses and strengths. If put against the weakness of another, the stronger ones can at least tone down a bit for the sake of not stepping on another’s toes. I see both your sides. One who doesn’t get offended who used to be has overcome that weakness and should be able to understand that it takes time for others to do so. On the other hand, it really is not good to be offended at words that normally come up in today’s society. For me, it only shows who you are with the words you speak/use. As to what happened here, “fat” offends Rose as namecalling because she’s a plus size but to Rob, it only describes the fact what size the woman was. Rob was trying to picture the irony of the specific incident and I’m sure did not mean to generalize all fat women. Understanding both sides is the key to good relationship (even blogger-reader relationship).
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    • September 15, 2010 at 11:09 pm

      Of course you can butt in… 🙂

      Nicely put.

      Like I say I can understand some people will get offended but then someone will get offended no matter what we say, the nuances of language and difference of them in cultures matters too, and there is no way any of us will ever know it all so being able to avoid ever offending anyone.

      While I can definitely understand and agree there is no need to insult people, as you said that wasn’t my intention, context is important too.

      Which is why I asked why it offends Rose, things will offend different people in different ways to different extents, I can learn from that too, meaning I am open to understanding how it effects the person it offended… even if it offended unintentionally.

      Plus I feel that it is for Rose (or indeed anyone) to recognise why they are offended and deal with that because there is NOTHING I can do about that, only the person who takes offence where non is meant.

      People say to me.. “are you deaf or something” all the time, when I say, well, actually yeah.. they are well apologetic, but I shrug it off because I’d never take offence at that.

      It’s all relative, it’s all perception.

      Interesting nevertheless. 🙂
      Rob´s last blog post ..Isle of Portland poems…

    • September 16, 2010 at 3:42 am

      Perhaps offended was not the right word to use. I find the word offensive. I felt it was a discriminating description of this woman. I still do not think Rob would have used the word Skinny in his title had the woman been thin.

      Calling someone fat is offensive, because of society ideas which surround it. A better term is “overweight.” The reason the word fat has such a negative image is that, it has been used alongside remarks such as fat ass, fat pig, fatso, etc

      Also if I say I’m fat it is different than you saying I’m fat. 🙂

      PS. I’m very confident.
      Rose´s last blog post ..How to write titles for your blog posts

      • September 16, 2010 at 9:59 am

        Believe me I WOULD have use that had she been a skinny woman… hand on heart I would.

        I can understand why the word is offensive to some.

        Glad you are confident, that’s what matters, but in my opinion you do need to work on this, meaning becoming indifferent to that word. 😉

  • September 16, 2010 at 5:23 am

    Also I think it is very important that I say that I know Rob was not trying to be offensive. I don’t believe he would knowing try to offend someone. I apologize Rob if anything I said has offended you. Please forgive me? Now, shall we move on?

    I would much rather get back to the topic how as a society food is wasted, which I think is a very important topic.
    Rose´s last blog post ..How to write titles for your blog posts

    • September 16, 2010 at 10:01 am

      I certainly wasn’t aiming to offend anyone, I apologise that you got offended, but that’s the rub, things only offend us if we let them… 😉

      The society is shameless… that’s why this mess is as it is, sadly.


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