Having some issues with the way sharing from here works, sharing to Facebook. Annoying but it seems I have messed up somewhere, working out where and how is another story. 😉

The one thing I don’t enjoy about blogging and all that goes with it, dealing with problems. . . they are never so straight forward and simple.

Often what seems a small thing can explode into a big headache…

Open graph tags are doing that for me at the moment. That’s what information social sites like Facebook pull from your site to display when something is shared.

The image, description, post title, etc…

Somehow… I have mine messed up. It’s a pain in the arse too.

The image rarely shows when I share any post.

The Facebook debug tells me whats wrong but doesn’t help, as it does not it sort itself out when I change what they say is wrong.

It says og.image is not set right, yet it is, I have changed it.

I’ll get there in the end, I always do… 😉

Perseverance pays off… hopefully!

I’m hoping it all works when I share this post once I have finished it.

If not, I will need to get advice as it’s something I have to get sorted out.

Fingers crossed, it works.

Facebook debug and my sharing issues
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