It seems to me facebook are starting to change their ways a little, though not enough for my liking simply because of the way they continue to treat their users, the most important aspect of the whole business.

Treating your users like children is NOT the way to go.

There are now far more of the older generation on there, I would say 90% of the friends I have on facebook are 25 to 45 (my own age group), 5% under 25, 5% over 45 … just recently it’s been shown that the older generation (over 55) on facebook is also increasing, are they going to treat them like kids too?

Then again that’s no surprise whan facebook was started by a college student for college students, ie little more than kids themselves.

The growth of facebok has been pretty explosive yet they have not changed their mentality with it, well the owner is what 24, 25 … say’s alot really about why they need to “grow up” as a whole.

I have now seen dozens of people delete their accounts out of frustration and YES I debated on doing it myself, it’s something I will do if things don’t improve for the users, no-one likes to be treated like a kid and facebook is NOT the be all and end all!

It’s no secret (wrote about it on here) I’ve had issues with them like tens of thousands of others and all because of stupid rules and lack of clarification on them.

You want limits and rules to be respected, spell them out clearly!

It’s a two way street so you have to do YOUR part too facebook, that means respecting the users.

You also have to be fair on how you implement it, I can promise you this, there was a 16 or 17 year old girl in the national papers not that long ago who admitted spending ALL her waking hours on facebook with her 5000 friends, I bet she has NEVER been blocked, and yet she must have used faceboook WAY more than I have!

As a user I have the right to express an opinion on this and I only want, just like everyone else, a better experience on facebook, not have to walk on eggshells.

The stupid limits, once you have been blocked (usually without warning) and then unblocked, you should never be blocked again UNLESS the users, IE your friends, COMPLAIN about you.

Do you think facebook, that you know me better than my OWN friends?
No I thought not!
Not ONE complaint to facebook from my friends, and yet they have blocked me twice!

What part of being “social” do you not understand facebook?

I’ll spell it out, the MORE social the users are, the better!

It’s no secret facebook are losing money, THAT is the problem you should be dealing with, not pissing the users off, let the users do the job of “policing” their own experience and the friends they have, they are NOT stupid!

If some friend spams the crap out my profile with some porn or other crap, or starts insulting me or friends and getting abusive it’s, “remove from friends” and BYE BYE … pretty simple.
I don’t need YOU doing that for me.

YOU get on with what you screwed up with from the start, monetising the damn place!

Tip, ads don’t work FULL stop! (Beer icon over there)

Facebook, grow up a bit, you need to …
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  • July 11, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    A tip for you, instead of sticking a link which is not even live in the comment, making you "look" like a spammer…just add a decent comment and let the linked name you have do the work… NO-ONE will look at the link you showed here and if they did you would never know it came from here!

    Happy to have comments but I will delete spam… ;o)



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