Following on from the last post it seems only 24 hours later they add new changes as explained here.
Looking at the home page you will see that there is now “+create” link, this is what I meant about creating own list on last post like in friendfeed.

No idea if there are limit to how many list you can create, but clicking on the link a box will pop up looking like the one shown here, create a name for your list and then choose who to add to it … like what?

You could have a family list, a workmate list, a niche list (common passion, ie music fans) , old school friend list, college friend list… and so on. 

This enables you to mange things better as you gain more friends etc while also allowing you to now actively add people you wouldn’t have otherwise added.

Also, I mentioned in the last post about the annoyance of the hide function being the wrong way, instead of hiding apps it hid people, you will notice the button on the top right of each “post” made instead of the normal X. 

A better set up this way, not to point out Peter below or anything, but instead of hiding Peter, I could if I wanted to, hide the app.

Some better improvements and also they have acted on it fast.
Look out for more because I doubt they have stopped adding to it yet.

How do you feel about these additions?

Facebook makes quick changes
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