There has been some interesting changes lately, namely facbook buying friendfeed, while also creating a new lite version of facebook, not yet rolled out to the masses but looking interesting though, from the screenshots I have seen it looks better on the eye, more of a “facebook looking twitter”… or what twitter would have looked like if facebook bought and integrated it.

Instead they leapfrogged twitter and bought a far better product and team with friendfeed.

Facebook are banking on more people making their profiles open, public, via the privacy settings which I feel they should have started thinking about ages ago, most people don’t want public profiles, they take advantage of the “walled garden” set up, which is why most people only use it for their real friends.

This is the double edged sword left from the original “college campus” set up from which they started, people saw it as a more private place to share and connect. The fact people used their real names played a big part in the growth and knowing it was private… yet it’s something I feel they have left for too long, people are using facebook differently to any other site they may use and many won’t want their stuff being public, being indexed by google on other words.

The new search facebook implemented is another step towards the opening up of facebook. They know they miss out on a ton of traffic from google, which means targeted traffic and that means better monetisation.

With the real time search added they are in fact positioning themselves to rival google, with googles help whether google like it or not.

The one thing they have to sort out is the lame limits, if they ant facebook being more open then they should bank on people being more social, meaning commenting on more, sharing more. If they keep these lame limits and bans that are so vague, they will make people less likely to be open with their stuff, which is not helping facebook at all, the more open and social the users are the better off facebook would be… it’s a two way street. Show a bit more respect to the users and they will act accordingly.

Facebook are also making changes to their email system, now they have the smart guys from friendfeed who also created Gmail while at Google, just maybe big improvements will be made. Their current email system reminds me of the crap AOL… you leave them and you lose the lot.

So what does all this mean for you, the facebook user?

Will you open up your facebook to the masses?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below…

Facebook, on the way to rivalling google!
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