I feel guilty due to the situatuion I am in at the present time, not being able to give my sons the christmas they deserve, after the amazingly proud moment of watching my youngest sing last night, it hit home hard this morning.
The boys deserve far more.

It had me thinking about how hard the last year or so has been.

I am determnined to make 2007 a much better year now I am settled in in a new home.
After the homelessness I know things are already far better than they were, but still its not good enough.
My sons make me proud…yet am I making them proud?

It hurts. It make me angry with myself, at the world and that’s good, I can use that anger.

So 2007 is going to be a very busy yet productive year for me.
That is certain.
I want to make sure next christmas is far better than the last year and this year.

Feeling guilty can be good motivation to change it, rectify it, replace that guilt.
Ever feel guilty like this, don’t let it eat away at you, use it to channel into something better and bigger.


Feeling guilty
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