It’s not all a bed of roses this thing called life…
…for some most of us that is. ;o)

Ever got to wondering why everything seems easy to some people, why things seemingly never screw up for them, why they can do something, it works out and you can do the same thing yet it goes wrong.

Why everything they do comes up smelling of roses, as they say.

It’s funny but I seem to think some people will have success in whatever they do, no mater how they do it.

You know what they say about looking at what real successes do in order to copy them, not literally but the way they do what they do and why. Getting to the core of why they have succeeded in doing what they do, you know… the reality of what you want to do.

Makes sense, you want to learn from those who have gone before and know what they are doing, how they did it, then do it yourself.

Only there’s one problem with that…

You are not them, more importantly, they are not you.

No matter what you do you will never replicate someone else’s success in the way they did it. Work, love, anything…life, every single one of us has a unique experience with it.

For example… with love you may envy that special persons relationship with their current other half, wish you had the same, yet every relationship is unique, you will never have a relationship with someone like another person had with them, no-one will have a relationship like you had with any person. Every two person relationship is unique.

Much like success, the path is ours and ours alone. You cant tread someone else’s path, nor they your path.

Your success, happiness, whatever, is yours alone, what’s really special is no-one can replicate that either.

Not forgetting it’s all subjective. ;o)

“Ok, what’s with all the philosifical, philosophical shit and what ya done wrong?” you may be thinking. ;o)

Well, as I said in earlier post, been busy on things, but really I have been looking into this particular thought over the last few weeks, maybe a month.
So, I threw any notions out of the window, battened my hatches, got stuck in.


In a way, you could say among a few other things, I have been looking at those who have good success at different business models, there are people who just want to make money online, some want to build a business, others just want to have something happening, many don’t care…just dream.

I wanted to see where I could improve things for myself, the one thing I don’t do is blindly copy others, or do everything I read about, i read it, learn it, see if it fits and make up my own mind.

Something odd struck me though…

Looking at successful bloggers, successful affiliates, successful article writers/marketers, successful ezine owners, successful forum owners, successful ebook creators, successful direct sales site owners, I noticed something.

Notice it too?

They are all standalone business models, that is you could do any one of them, most successful people started with ONE and perfected it, then plugged another into their existing one, where and importantly when it mattered and it all grew. If they didn’t know how to do it, they got someone who did and got it done.

Some have all the models plugged in together and make thousands or tens of thousands a month…easily too.

There is something to learn from it all.
Especially for the newbies or aspiring online business starters.

See most people when they start look at doing everything, thus getting nowhere.
Perfect one business model, strategy, then expand from there but it must fit with what you have perfected already…you just want to plug it into what you already do.

Where most new people (newbies) go wrong is they decide, “I am gonna make money online” then set up a blog trying to teach people how to make money…when they have only read how it’s done, not actually done it themselves. Bad mistake and a hard way to get started.

You see them on forums galore…sadly.

Far better to concentrate on one business model above centred around your own passion, or a profitable passion you know you can write about, or your particular expertise.
Build that up then learn one of the other models and plug that in.

For a simple crude example, you may start article writing, decide to then set up a blog to share some articles, as well as having the blog for the articles on directories to point back to, after a while add email list building so you can start an ezine.

The main point being don’t do to much at once and stick to perfecting one thing, leverage that after you get somewhere. If you are determined to be in the teaching people how to make money niche, learn to make it first, get to the point where the making money niche IM niche itself can’t ignore you. ;o)

It’s a small competitive niche yet it can be hugely profitable as we have seen over the years. (John Reese making a million in a day was a good example)

Far better to make your passion work for you and expand in that niche as best as you can.

Leverage, that is the key to it all.

So, while I respect and admire what alot of these successful people have done, and most of them are probably great people too, I can see and understand no matter how often or hard I would try I could never get the same results. (If I was to try that is)

I will always learn from them, simply because there is always something of value to learn.
It pays to watch not only what people say, but what they do and how they do it.

Whatever happens, the only way anyone can succeed is to forge their own path and be clear on how they define success for themselves.

Any thoughts?

Forge your own path for success, happiness…
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