… if it carries on as it is… with the pathetic mob mentality there is, (no-one can deny it is there!) the place will put people off using it and drive existing users away.

I feel like I was forced into blocking people due to some crazy bullying and mob mentality, the truth is I feel they tarnish the experience of friendfeed itself, not only for the one they “jump on” but everyone able to see it in action.. Sadly the mobs will drive people away from what is or can be a great place to use.

Hopefully it won’t get out of hand but the control is now even more in your hands with the added ability to “moderate” comments on each post you make there.

I do think that is a good move, along with the blocking and hiding you can make efforts to improve the experience you have there. It’s a shame you get idiots like that in the first place but that’s life, they are everywhere sadly.

A few people say it doesn’t really matter, but I think it does as it changes your mood, so it also changes your experience with it.
Friendfeed is always improving, they rarely get it wrong either… something the twitter guys could learn a thing or to about.

BUT a place is only as good as the people using it, up to now it’s been mainly geeky people and a few others, maybe that will start to change now, I hope so!

It will be a while before the mainstream uses friendfeed I’ll bet, yet once they see how good it can be and how useful it is I think we will see the better experience, mainly because of the better diversity of users.

How do you use the place and what do you do to improve your own experience?

Friendfeed, the road to nowhere…
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