Friendfeed is really growing on me since joining a month or so ago after seeing it mentioned on twitter, the twitter conversation was centred around “missed” conversation around tweets, ie where the tweets were fed by RSS into other platforms like friendfeed and facebook, the discussion around them I noticed was being missed by the tweeters.

The tweets were getting hardly any repsonse themselves on twitter yet the same tweet showing in facebook by said tweeter had lots of comments which were being missed by said tweeter.

That useful conversation was missed completely for however long until the said tweeter logged into facebook. That’s when and how I heard of friendfeed, on twitter, while discussing facebook!

Friendfeed is now like an RSS Artist row!

I haven’t posted here yet about friendfeed mainly because I waned to least use it for a while first to understand it and give a fair opinion of the experience.

I can’t see myself NOT using it now to be blunt. :o)

Thomas made a great post where he shared “10 reasons to use friendfeed” on his blog, which utilises friendfeed itself pretty well as you see. Nice to see the benefits of friendfeed through a photographers perspective.

It was this post that made me realise it was like an artist central.

It’s not just twitters, bloggers, writers etc using friendfeed, there are a few members who only use friendfeed…which surprised me, nice surprise mind. :o)

At first for maybe a hour or so I seemed a little confused, lost with it but was made welcome and given some good tips, as soon as I “got it” I was hooked in a sense that twitter couldn’t do, I like twitter but was at a complete loss upon joining it way back when.

The recent function of adding twitter followers etc to friendfeed makes it a great central RSS to use and I can see people using twitter itself less and friendfeed more due to the extra use and benefit it gives you.

The simple fact of being able to keep track of the conversations started in twitter better in friendfeed is worth thinking about….you still use twitter just less and better.

Friendfeed is so much better overall and because it utilises so many RSS feeds it’s rich with interesting things I simply wouldn’t have seen elsewhere.

Amazing pictures and lots of interesting blogs, smart savvy people and diverse conversation that happens faster than anywhere else.

So much to….like!

Louis shares some useful tips on utilising the “like” function in friendfeed, it almost functions like your own friendfeed bookmark.
Louis has a few good friendfeed tips on his blog which are worth checking out too.

Friendfeed is really worth trying out if you haven’t yet tried it and is so adaptable with so many features you can tailor it to suit you perfectly…something I am still honing myself. :o)

It is the ultimate “outpost” for your outposts.

Friendfeed , the worthy RSS centre
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