Funny how things work out, an interesting discussion based around the last post on here has evolved here on friendfeed itself. I am glad I posted it as the discussion linked to has given my some good lessons and insights.

Some great points made in that thread, from a few heavy users too, I am grateful they shared with us.

I knew friendfeed was adaptable, but I still forget how tailored you make it for your own experience. The features they have allowing you you to control each aspect of the experience… I am now going to use these features more and see what improvements I can gain from it, experience wise.

Lets face it…no-one uses anything the perfect way, all we can do is keep on learning and testing things until we get to a point where we are comfortable with the experience, something I am still trying with friendfeed.

The filters and groups are something else I need to utilise better, more often, if it saves time, hassle and stress it’s gotta be worth doing, no? :o)

Hows your experience on friendfeed, if you use it?

Friendfeed tips, from friendfeed users…
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