Been real busy today sorting the next part of my plans out and hit a brick wall.

It would seem that I have learnt alot though, and thats a good thing, never unhappy when I am learning something in the process, though I am frustrated to have hit the wall!

I need to get this sorted out asap due to things I have to get sorted out offline, you know, I had two bills this morning which I don’t yet have the funds for, so that drove me alot today, I wouldn’t have stopped until it was done had I not got stumped!

hhhm… dam thing! lol.

The thing I am stumped with is a scripts, not that good with them but learning all the while, yet keen to learn more so I just need a little help learning to get past where I am.

I am excited by this though as it is something I know I can keep utilising and I also have the end result of what I want to be doing online.

Can’t say more than that really. :o)
Except to say as soon as it is done it will be mentioned on here first!

Frustrated and need help!
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