Interesting news from blogger and I knew it was coming in some way because it was an obvious move you could see happening, it’s been obvious that it’s blogspot on which the blogger team are focusing, not that I blame them either.

Not the first time I have said that, so, now there is a deadline to move so, I have to make the move and hopefully it will be simple and straight forward enough, I should done it a while ago when Rick the CEO of the blogger team mentioned it on his twitter to me.

But back then, I was a little wary, and rightly so because fellow blogger using FTP Louis Gray mentioned there were a few hiccups along the way, but it seems his success going from main domain to the subdomain he uses did give me a boost, though I thought I would just wait a little while and see what happens, as wordpress was crossing my mind though I prefer blogger.

Now though, it’s do it or move to wordpress, I would rather stay on blogger, so I probably will move it to blog.robsellen. com and benefit from the improvements they have made.

Just from using the blogspot set up on other blogs I know there are some great improvements made and Rick has stated in the blogger buzz post that 2010 promises to see more changes, improvements.

I look forward to seeing them, whatever they may be.

As I understand it, I could keep my hosting, just direct people to the new subdomain where blogger host the blog…Rick has confirmed FTP is going to be ended, Rick is great, he is reachable and no doubt I will get there and as he uses the same set up himself I am sure he will be saying “I told you so!” :o)

So, that’s my main task next, get this blog sported out, moved, and then because of the publishing speed improvement over FTP I can set about editing and tidying up the blog.

Hopefully you won’t see much change really, but you will see improvements, provided I don’t balls it all up!

FTP is finished on blogger, the right move, so this blog has to move!
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2 thoughts on “FTP is finished on blogger, the right move, so this blog has to move!

  • January 24, 2010 at 2:56 am

    Good luck, sir. Before jumping, make sure they release the tools to aid migration. Trust the team and they will help if it's not all that intuitive. Reach out any time.

  • January 24, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Hey there Louis,

    Why thank you sir. ;o)

    I think I will wait till the tools are in place, looking forward to getting the benefits of speed though, you know how it is… so slow on ftp.

    Rick and the team are a great bunch and he never fails to answer any questions, so I don't really anticipate big problems. :o)

    Thanks Louis, hope all is well, family all ok too.



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