Chesil beach sunset

Certainly not like that out there today!

Seems Portland is under snow once again… them pesky Russians! πŸ˜† They get the blame for everything else so…

Maybe it’s their fault I have been annoyed lately!

About that… yeah, I was annoyed at certain things and people but I was also more annoyed at myself. Very annoyed at myself for being annoyed!

A bad all round day in some ways, great in others.

I was thinking over it late last night while demolishing a box of Maltesers … I love em, a little too much, especially with a cuppa tea. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I will say this… I thank certain people for things, I am sorry to certain people for things … you know who you are too.

Seriously… Sorry. Thanks. Hope you all forgive me too.

I am in control of only me, so I should know better, but yeah I do still feel a small disappointment at certain people but I can’t change that only how I react. I’ll react better. πŸ˜‰

Cracking on … Something unusual, that matters.

This morning I opened an email, a newsletterΒ edition from the one I always open, you know the one… yeah, interesting stuff, thanks for that Paul.

Cheers for the slightly scary glimpse into the future too! πŸ˜‰Β  Go sign up, no really.

Don’t be swayed by the name of that newsletter, look at it a different way, just as I do…

Re-Frame it

We all do this, we frame things into looking at it from one perspective, often the one we are given.

A good thing to do is see how we can re-frame things… create a different perspective.

That’s something I had to do myself last night, I shut down the laptop, went and relaxed, re-framed things in my own mind… saw things from a different perspective, went to bed.

Woke up this morning feeling very different!

I re-framed things so they were less painful, or bothersome and then let it go. Yeah, really.

Doable with any problem or issue we have or face. Re-frame, different perspective… repeat if needed. πŸ˜‰

As with that newsletter, while it’s aimed at the small biz, or work at home person, or anyone doing anything online… re-frame it.

It’s about privacy, safety, using smart tools, reading good tips we can apply to life as well, not forgetting some smart ideas, some that would make many money if they chose.

Anyway…Β He mentioned something that could impact you, me, anyone …

Fake you with a difference

I mean, you use Facebook and have a camera. He went on to explain how what they are doing could have some great uses, but also the problems it could create, for all of us… or any of us.

Strictly speaking it’s not Facebook or the camera you have that’s the issue, it’s people.

Most of the tech is already out there to do most of this stuff yet Facebook will take it one step further. We already know they have facial recognition software, we know the audio capabilities are are out there, we know videos are easy to edit.

Next they will work on camera “fingerprints” … data points that are recognisable, in a sense.

Knowing the camera that an image was taken on, could be of benefit, as Paul said for an example, knowing whose camera was used to invade someones privacy. Or worse.

The real problem any of us will have if it happens is people, people who don’t like you, or people who aim to use you in some way for something, shady things online maybe.

People creating a fake you, not just fake profiles but a fake you, an authentic fake you… a video of you and using your own voice. I mean… it’s you but not you. πŸ˜‰

Sounds crazy right…

No, I wouldn’t put it past anyone. Some will use it for bad reasons. Nasty ex? … We already have these issues, this will just make it worse.

May well be touted as for privacy, safety … but re-frame it. Could create a huge invasion of it.

Nothing stays in the right hands, and we have to ask, whose are the right hands?

Is it too late though? Who knows. I don’t think most people care, till too late.

The Genie is out of the bottle

I doubt there are many people who do not have some image of themselves on the internet anywhere, might not have done that themselves but… In the UK as we known as the country of cctv, 1984 is alive and well in this country more than any other in many ways so there will be an image of everyone, somewhere.

Granted I have friends who have never used the internet, yeah, shocker that… but their image has been caught on cctv somewhere. Can’t avoid it. Think it’s not stored somewhere? I bet it is.

So, it does seem a little late.

Many say, well I have nothing to hide… I say, you have no damn choice! πŸ˜‰

Did you ever read 1984?

Notice what effort that Winston had to put in to get to a completely private spot inside his own home?Β  Consider that.

Yet… it’s a love story. A good distraction. πŸ˜‰

Any comments? Post below…

Genie is out of the bottle …
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