With enthusiasm and drive to get to where you really want to be.

Did that headline grab your attention?

Was it from your rss reader?

The Internet is littered with things to distract you at all the time while you should be working, or if you are surfing you almost end up surfing completely randomly due to the… distractions.

Too often if you are meant to be working online you get off track and end up wasting several hours on what could take you an hour.

It’s said you have a few seconds to grab the attention of your readers, so forgive me if you were working.. ;o)

But I really do want you to “Get stuffed…With enthusiasm and drive!”

There is nothing better to drive you on than to achieve something you set out to do, but all to often we let things slip by the wayside.

Let that madness end for you.
One of the key reasons people “give up trying” is due to lack of real focus on what you should be doing.

It really doesn’t matter what it is you need to have drive to achieve.
This can help you get that drive and enthusiasm to achieve.

Are you a newbies struggling to get somewhere?
Do you have a website or blog going?
Feeling overwhelmed by it all?
Info overload a problem?

Are you trying to give up that nasty habit you have?
Keep slipping up?
(This part of the concept is already having good results)

Need to lose weight but having not to good results yet?
Need to get fitter?

Wanting to get somewhere but not really sure how you should go about it?
Jumping from one thing to another?

Perfect for capitalising on what will help you change all that and more.

There really is no better thing than the increase of enthusiasm to achieve what you set out to achieve and that enthusiasm only come from you, within…it’s your enthusiasm that drives YOU to achieve…it’s your goal after all.

Who could say no to more enthusiasm, the right and needed enthusiasm too.? ;o)

I feel that if you use this concept the way I ask you to you will be much more enthusiastic while also reaching your goals easier, so much so you will not stop using it.

Laser your focus with enthusiasm and you will not go far wrong.

I have been pleased and surprised by the positiveness of the concept and how it has already shown it works.

You don’t need the “super-duper” ebook or guru-mumbo jumbo to get success, you just need to ACT on the enthusiasm you have to achieve things.

Those “things” are whatever you want them to be.
You set your goal(s).
The enthusiasm is the drive, increase that and do it!


So I ask you to join us, take the opportunity to really start getting somewhere.

But to make this a better deal for you I ask you to act fast…

This will be a one off chance for you and I want you to make that chance a success.

The concept is my focus project which is priced at a very low $15 a YEAR! As seen above left… ;o)

For you if you act NOW I will let 100 of you join at $10 and gain 1 year FREE!

Just use the beer function below, paypal me $10 and mention this, use “one year free please” in the “comment” section of email paypal sends to me with your payment…

I will send you the link, I will NOT be adding you to ANY list.

Those of us already doing it ARE doing it good.
This offer is good for ONE week or the first 100 people.

Once I have 100 members I am also considering raising the price on the membership so it will pay to get in now because you will STILL only pay $10 a year after your free year is up.

Grab your chance now…click the beer function below.

Edit : Update, thanks to those who have joined me and I have to admit I am surprised by not only who has joined but what they think about the concept too. :o)

Don’t think this offer will last a week!

“Get stuffed..”
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