Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

So why do we seem to complicate everything to get to the point of needing to say…”gotta get back to basics”?  Been pondering over this the last few days, indecently of which I haven’t been “myself” some would say and I would tend to agree with them, glad it happened though as with everything, we learn something if we choose to… ;o)  It all stemmed from one simple question that kept bothering me… What do I really want?

After asking myself that for two days and spinning my wheels not really knowing what I wanted, just “thinking” I would know… I realised…

I had a word wrong in the question, of which changes things dramatically… for the simple reason it effects everything else.

I should be asking myself…

What do I really need?

The italics just for emphasis on the words could be read as intent… ;o)

Changes thing a bit now eh?

From “ego” to “I” and as soon as realised the real question I should ask my mindset shifted which in turn changed how I felt too.

One word made all that difference.

Pondering on the right question suddenly made me aware that what I need gives me what I want.
I don’t want much, nor do I really need much.

How about you?

Getting back to basics
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