Something that seems amusing as well as annoying to me and it’s way more common than we think.

Some even go as far as to post in forums and the like complaining about it.

What am I talking about?

People who complain that “this stuff is bullshit, I don’t make no money, it’s all scams”

The reason some people are NOT succeeding or making money online should be so obvious and yet they miss it.

It’s not new but needs repeating it seems…

WTF do you actually DO to make success or make money online?

Yep, nothing it seems, when pressed you see they “socialise” on sites and forums etc, even asking for help then doing NOTHING with it.

Look here… if that’s you, the only way you make money online is having some “buy now” buttons or links. The only way to do that is to get off these social sites and start DOING something, like having a blog where you can post these “money links” or “money buttons”.

OK before you start a blog if you haven’t already…

Go write some bloody articles, that is something most people can do and done right it has more than a few benefits, you don’t have to be a great writer to get started, just start and improve as you go along which is going to happen anyway, as with anything you practice.

You have to decide on whether you really want to make money online or just be social.

If you really want a fast track start to just getting going then…

Write ten articles on ONE topic that you know will get results no matter how small, find the passionate people if possible.

What to write the articles on, if you don’t know what will get results?

Go and look at the article sites like Goarticles and many more you will see from there what is working and what isn’t.

Now set up a simple blog and use the topic keyword in the blog url for example…

With these 300-400 word articles you now have on the chosen topic you targeted
the next thing would be to submit one of them to a few articles directories making sure the link in the resource box points to the new blog, and one article to the blog itself and then another to the article directories a couple of days later and then another to the blog itself again, and so on.

Posting an article every other day to the blog and another to the article directoies will get the ball rolling.

Several things can happen if done well, meaning they need to be, at the least, written clearly and with no errors, spelling or other…

  • You get people using your articles on their blogs, with a one way link to you in the resource box and you get exposure to your writing, some will like it enough to check you out for more.
  • You get a small to start with flow of traffic directly from the article directories to your blog.
  • You gain a good ranking backlink from the article directories themselves.
  • You gain a little authority in the niche.
  • Your articles will be out there forever and this can create a steady flow of traffic farther down the line of time. (make the articles as evergreen as possible)

What’s stopping anyone doing that? Themselves!

Do this and you are producing something, hopefully of value to the right people too.

As long as you just keep going you will be building on the momentum already started, far easier to keep on going than it is to start.

So, if you are one of those that just seem to spend time surfing and socialising, get started!

Getting no results or making no money, maybe this is why…
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2 thoughts on “Getting no results or making no money, maybe this is why…

  • July 24, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    You always make a lot of sense, people can either take you're advice and get somewhere or like you say ignore it and moan…..:0)

  • July 24, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    Thanks Shelley,

    I do see this happen so often it's unreal, you can't make this shit up lol…

    Some people don't like "work" ;o)


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