It’s that kinda weather again, spring really is on the way. Though I lost my biking partner I am still looking forward to getting out on the bike as my chest/rib pain seems to be clearing up.

Better dust the bike off… 🙂

I am definitely getting out on it today and have a ride around the island, get some fresh air and get my fitness levels kick started again, amazing how much of it I lost due to rib issues.

This may interest you …

Tomorrow a friend is coming to Portland for something a little different, at least to me, it is a first for me… A little ghost hunting. 😉

There are several places on the Island we can check out, as he is here in the morn we can have a look about during the day. Have you  ever hunted them?

Here are the places I think may be of interest … and do you have any suggestions?


Several places spring to mind on the top half of the island …

St Georges church and graveyard.

This place often gives me the creeps when I walk through it at night, never walked that pathway through it and felt comfortable, I have turned back a few times to be honest. 🙂

Church Ope and the old graveyard.

This is a really old ruinous part of the island, the graveyard is small but eerie, I think it would be an interesting place to check out but not alone!

High angle battery.

I have no idea what others feel of the place, I was never really sure myself but they are not called the ghost tunnels for no reason. Has to be worth checking out.   😉

The Pubs and other buildings.

I hear of several of the local pubs are haunted, including the 8 kings at Southwell, the George at Reforne. Do you know of more?

I hear of the Verne citadel being haunted but that is not really accessible to us. Sadly.


Less area to cover but no less interesting. 😉

Chesil beach.

A lot of lives lost here so I am not surprised to hear of people hearing odd things on the beach. I am guessing mostly this end of the beach here at the cove.

Portland Castle.

While we can’t enter this place so easy, we can get close to it, I have no idea what people think about this place but it seems to have spooked a few people I know. Worth checking out.

Strangers graveyard

This small graveyard just opposite the park is an odd one, unknown people buried here, a few have said they get creeped out walking past it, I have never had that myself but worth a check. 😉

Navy graveyard

This one just around the verne towards the port. I used to play about down there like many others and I do remember being freaked out down there, having the hairs on my body stand on end, that was enough to make me leave.

They are a few places we will likely check out but would be interested in hearing anywhere you know we should check out too.

Comment below if you know somewhere, please.

Have you ever hunted ghost? Fancy coming along?

A little ghost hunting …
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