Write more it’s healthy. 😀

School is supposedly some of the best days of our lives, we all know that’s not due to the education, it’s the carefree no responsibility life we lead as kids.

We all would do better if we went back with our current mindset as we know the value of the education for our future.

As a kid while there you really didn’t think of it that way, not for most, you just got on with being a kid in a school. 😉

It’s set up one core principle in us all. The urge to learn… for everyone.

The one thing that continues no matter what we do in life, birth to death, a massive series of little lessons that shape us along with the choices we make… we learn, constantly.

We have to just look for the lesson in everything.

It’s hardly school education that gives us the best lessons in life. Self education is probably more important in so many ways and far more rewarding as we get to choose what we learn about. In that sense the world really is your oyster.

What I am choosing to learn about…

Me, myself and I

Without sounding self centered or self absorbed. 😀

I have only ultimate control over that one thing, myself. So how better to improve myself. How can I be a better me? For me and for others, after all… I can be a real idiot at times. Many will attest to that fact!

I’d like to make changes in many areas of life and overall it should make me happier, healthier, hopefully live longer too!

Mind, body and spirit. 😀  Equilibrium if possible.

Self improvement of any kind has to be worth learning about and living out, whatever shape or form it is, whatever area of self it is, after all, it is self that benefits most, not ego self though, that’s what we as people have to drop more than anything else.

This ego thing, it’s a pain in the arse most of the time.

I was recently surprised by the fact a facade that someone can build around themselves for others to see can easily be the opposite of what they are really like, once you know them better.

I wasn’t surprised it happens as we all know it does, but it was the sheer scale of possible difference, and the fact it looks like hard work keeping that pretence up…. why bother?

Do you live for someone else or yourself?

Be yourself 100% all of the time, it’s so much easier and far less stress, accept not everyone will like you, after all, you don’t like everyone do you? 😉

A recent friend started to see the truth in that but I could see it wasn’t easy for them to drop that anxiety and worry over what others think, though the “care a little less” attitude in that sense did make them happier in my opinion.

Whether they keep that up or not is another story. Not easy to change dye hard habits and thinking.

You cant afford to live for someone else, or to other’s standards, if you do it means you are actually missing out on being your full potential self for self. Took me a while to realise that truth. Again the hard way.  😉

A big lesson is we cannot rely on happiness from anywhere but within ourselves, it’s not possible any other way. Someone may make you happy but what if they are not there? What then?


Ya gotta create it. 😉

Find what makes us happy and do more of it. Simple. Not easy, but simple.

Don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Seriously, don’t, just don’t…

People tend to over analyze things, yet simplifying things is the way to go in my opinion, making mountains out of molehills is just stressful and causes more issues than it’s ever worth, everytime.

Stress is bad, full stop.

Whatever stress you have in life you just simply have to try to get rid of it, I know it’s not easy most of the time but it’s not healthy at all, except in a fight or flight situation where ya life may depend on the stress induced adrenaline.

If others stress you out, spend less time with them.

Other than that, taking ourselves too seriously means we miss out the very simple things that could please us if we stop to notice them.

A sunset is definitely stress busting to watch, I’m sure you agree.  Simple things that cost nothing but your  attention.

Take ya mind off stressful stuff if possible, which is exactly what I did last summer, getting a bike and …

I wanted to learn to ride a unicycle knowing it would be a challenge but also fun and a sense of achievement if I succeeded. As you can see after 4 hours I cracked it. 🙂

A stress buster indeed!

Just a bit of simple fun, nothing too big anyone else can’t try for themselves, plus it helps keep me fit as it’s a great workout on muscles I don’t use on a normal bike.

Now to add juggling! 😀

Read more but read the right things for you

This is where I found myself when someone recently gave me a bible, having never read one myself, I was interested in learning a little as I was close to them and wanted to understand them a little more, a little better.

Not quite what happened as I never had the chance to talk to them about it at all, I may get the chance sometime hopefully as I have alot to ask, but right now, nothing so far.

It’s interesting though as I started to read it and learn a little of it I found while it is an interestingly well written book it didn’t resonate with me at all, on any level.

No offence to anyone out there, or my friend who gave me the book which they grew up with.

Yes it has some good sayings and verses but it’s not something most of us don’t know intuitively so we don’t need in this day and age to read the bible to know right from wrong, good from bad. etc.

All I have seen as have many others is the bible can create more issues than it solves. Creates more confusion than understanding, so much contradiction.  Again no offence to those who live by it but this is my experience my thoughts, feelings.

It just didn’t resonate, or ring true as “gods word” and I’m not wrong because if “god” is in everything it is in me and should resonate. No?

I ask myself this… If I were god.

As in all knowing all seeing ever present creator, would I put my message to people out like that and leave it at that? Full of contradictions, confusion, in written word.

Leave it to be messed around with over the centuries and interpreted however the person who wrote and reads it sees fit?

Um… Nope!

I would, as it would be possible, telepathically insert into every conscience the fundamental understandable and needed “laws” or “ways to be” directly at certain ages, say first time at 7, then 14, then 21, then 28, and by that point nothing else needs to be done.

Why not before 7?

Because a child should be free thinking and free spirited, creative to their full potential, they have parents there for them who already had the message from “god/me” (in this scenario) so able to guide a child to 7 without major issues, surely?

This way, there can be NO doubters. No confusion, no manipulation, no abuse done to others by those who use it for their selfish means to control. One sided usually, man to woman. Shame on them!

Wouldn’t you agree that is a more realistic way it would happen?

Simple. Effective, timeless. Perfect.

A beautiful world we then have too.

Not left for man to spread the word how they see fit then use it to control people, and control is indeed what happens.

Don’t make sense. Sorry.

I feel I have to say, one thing is it’s not a book a CHILD should be reading at all in my opinion. Let a child be a child in all it’s own innocent and free spirited way. If they want to read it as they get older fair enough.

Making them read it in my opinion is wrong. sorry but I can’t see how it is good for a child to read. It’s indoctrination and that’s not healthy I have seen what that does to people.

So, not a book I will read all of I don’t think, I’m sorry to say, but to my friend thank you for the book though I do appreciate it as I learnt something about myself from it all, not that I’m god, no…. 😉


I hinted at an experience I had in the last post in a poem, when I were just a 9 year old, I’ll write about that sometime soon, another post but it is part of my thought process with regards to “god” or the “unknown” moments we can have. 😉

As I say, another post.

So I think I prefer to read things which I can resonate with more and learn more of myself from. Things that allow me to grow in a way that matters to me, to learn things I find interesting because without interest nothing happens, it’s just words on paper.

Do it from the heart or not at all

Half arsed is no good, go all in, I recently had a lesson of this important truth and it was a harsh way to learn it but it reminded me of what I forgotten previously. If you do something alone, then great, go all in do it with all your heart because it will be worth it.

If with someone else, and they don’t do it with all their heart while you do, you are going to feed cheated, let down and that is always a bad thing to feel, no matter what it is in regards to, a relationship, a work project, whatever, go all in and do it with all your heart.

If it’s a relationship don’t cheat the other person by doing it half arsed.  You harm them and yourself in a way you won’t yet feel.

Start seeing with your heart too.

When you see the world through the heart it looks like a better place strangely enough.

Not rose tinted lenses type thing, but really feel with the heart in all you do, and see it all from that perspective. Align it with how you act and are with others and watch the effect of it.

I mean you only have to smile at someone and that smile spreads, they smile too nearly everytime, but you may not know it’s likely they also smiled at the next person and so on.

Our heart is the power centre of us.

It’s been shown to have a massively bigger electric, energetic and magnetic field than our minds. Something like 200 times bigger I think it was, I will have to check that out but I’m sure it was a big number like that.

Powerful indeed, use it right do everything from the heart, intent, everything.

We get back what we put out, so that matters, hugely.

Law of attraction is happening whether we think it is or not, so we may as well think on it and attract the right things, but that power comes from intent of the heart.

Lot’s to learn for me… 😉

God knows I’m learning…

It’s all good as long as we grow.

Any thoughts? Comment below…

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God knows, I’m learning…
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