What do you choose to see?

Isn’t that the world we live in, one of choices, one of free will to decide for ourselves, what we do and what we believe?

We decide for ourselves ..to a point, the fact society is “moulding people” to “fit in” through various means, schooling, media, morals, peer pressure, all real examples you can relate to.

You know, it’s depressing to look at any of the news because that’s what they do, dumb em down and spread fear, just how the establishment like it, genuine bad news is understandably reported about, the earthquake recently for example, but on the whole it’s all manipulated depressing roof-is-caving-in-crap!

It’s nearly all propaganda crap, designed to create a mass fear.

The way things work is now shifting though with more people starting to use real time media to get facts and stories direct without being filtered as such like it is for mainstream and that’s also changing the way people are influenced, by what they choose to see, where they choose to look for that information, how it changes they way they think about things, around them and elsewhere in the world.


Where is all the good news?

Good news? … um, joking or what?

Seriously, why is there not a purely good news channel sharing what is uplifting with the world.

You could say we create that ourselves by choosing what we see online, if you ignore the TV, newspapers and only look at good things, uplifting news, whatever gees you up, inspiring writing, stories that motivate you.

Why put crap and depressing shit into your head in the first place?
Remember you almost never forget anything…you may think you do, but it’s there, somewhere.

The internet really is changing the mass of thought out there in the world, collective conscience is changing… the establishment have manipulated that collective conscience for so long and now they are losing that grip.

You could almost compare it to the social change of the 60’s… that was a massive collective conscience change too, it changed society as a whole.

Now it’s our turn to change society, collectively.

Right in front of you, is a fantastic tool… you can’t underestimate what it can do for you, those around you and indeed people all over the world.

Because of it, YOU are the media…

The responsibility of the media falls down all of us now, not the establishment, we collectively have more reach and therefore more power and responsibility with it, we are already unleashing it.

The modern generation take all this for granted and are less influenced by the mainstream than my own and older generations, we had a TV with 4 channels! (can remember it being less than that) and the usual crappy newspapers, telling us what they wanted us to know.

Now there is a massive range of choice, so many channels vying for your attention and the chance to influence they way you think, see things, act and influence others.

Make your time they desperately grasp for worth your while and be picky, picky in what you see and therefore share, but overall as with the old saying, “don’t believe all you read” mum was so fond of, it still matters, yet…

That’s the real power in your hands, the reach from what you share, the recent “rage against the machine” being No 1 in the UK charts being a great example, another is the more recent “bra colour” viral status campaign on facebook, they were just ideas, “was it possible to do this?” and that is the internet, a field of possibility, or a factory of them.

You never had the opportunity to spread things like that before, nor so fast, use it wisely, you have more influence than you realise, even if it is just a status, or tweet!

Share your voice, loudly, it’s unique and valuable.

Consider why you read some books, blogs, profiles, whatever, usually it because of the voice behind it, not the person as such, but what they say and the way they say it, it’s their voice (written voice) that usually grabs you, for whatever reason, fun, witty, sarcastic, rude, or just plain old nice and easy reading.

I see some people who write some great status’s and tweets and yet they have no other platform like a blog or such which I think is a shame, they could probably build a great blog audience.

You know, you can have as much as 100 readers a day on your blogger blog after a few weeks and yet though 100 is not a massive deal you still have some influence, depends who reads it, shares it, only takes one tweet, blog link, status shared from one of these readers to explode the growth of your audience and again your possible reach to new readers.

You already say and share more than you think… what may be nothing to you could be a huge thing to another…and you’d never even know it.

So, why aren’t you sharing it with the world?

Good, Bad, whatever…speak up I can’t hear you…
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