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Having used rss readers for a while and used a few different ones, I have to say the google reader is great, the best I have yet used, and if you already use gmail, it will feel a little familiar.

I was using the firefox rss but this google one is far better, with the added bonus of being able to add the reader to my igoogle home page it is a breeze to keep up to date.

Shame google isn’t spending enough time, or the same level of zest on blogger…blogger could be far better than it is.. yes the beta is ok…but not yet usable with own domains. It is now usable with blogger, better yet use the custom domain and have blogger host it all for you, you have less chance of losing the blog this way too.

I think a great idea would be a “downloadable dashboard” so I have all control of it… using own ftp and domain we wouldn’t have outage problems.

Shot themselves in the foot with the bad customer service with blogger.

Google is growing at a rapid rate.. inetrgratioin of all this through one google control panel is going to be good, easy and a time saver.
Just get it right…

On the whole I would definately recommend google reader.

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