Google are a smart bunch as you probably gather.. ;o)

Something google have never had themselves was a browser so when firefox started and the way they launched, becoming popular very quickly was bound to have pricked the ears of those in google.

Firefox had the perfect “cause” for the launch, utilising the very fact people disliked IExplorer, which was the main browser in use yet also the main target for hackers to cause problems etc.

So becoming a very frustrating thing for everyone it was easy for firefox to let the users spread the word using THAT very cause…which worked perfectly creating a perfect free viral campaign.

Indeed I was one of those that helped spread the word, I still use firefox as my main browser and will continue to do so…its the best.

I mean why would I want to use second best? ;o)

Interesting to read that yahoo and msn and banding together in direct competition to google and firefox through the IExplorer.

They will still be second best though… for a number of reasons.
The reasons go back a long way too, as do the mistakes made that leads them to where they are now.

Lets take a look at a few things about the situation, I know hindsight is wonderful, but it also helps the future if lessons are learned from it…and there ARE lessons we can use.

Msn are last…simply due their own lack of standard…there is no way they will ever catch google on their own and this has to be the main reason they link up with yahoo.

Take a step back though and you can see another reason why google have gone so far ahead, the name itself is a big part of it.

As you now know people are even using it as a verb for searching in “google my name”. Try it.. ;o)

See where the power of that is, although google don’t like people using it as a verb it IS making them a success, like aspirin, bikini.

Yahoo or msn don’t have THAT kind of benefit at all…they never will.

I recently had the IE7 installed on my PC, but there was something not right about it, it caused my pc to crash several times, so I the uninstalled it and went back to having the IE6 which was on my PC anyway….not a good start for IE7.

Yet Microsoft say they have had alot of downloads in the first 3 days of launch..heres something else I noticed…why do they need to say that?
Firefox didn’t need to say how many were being downloaded…they just got on with it, keeping on top of things all the while.

The knew the most important thing was to keep the users happy.
Just as google know to keep people happy…something Msn don’t do.

So… where are yahoo and msn merging?
In IE7 the default search is yahoo… the homepage is yahoo.
The toolbar is yahoo.

So why would Yahoo join with Msn?
Optimised advertising is one big reason, with the revenue they will generate from their own version of googles adsense.

Firefox is still used by more people than IExplorer so they will have to do serious catching up, and what better way than to emulate firefox themselves?
With the now popular “tabbed browsing” feature added to IE it shows firefox really DOES lead the way.

One thing that also benefits firefox over IE is the add ons, extensions etc, these are more often than not created by users rather than firefox themselves.
Therefore users are creating the perfect browser for themselves.

IE will never create the perfect browser for users, only play catch up.

What do you think about it?

P.s Update to add…google chrome is now my main browser! ;o)

Google+firefox VS Msn+IE+yahoo
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