What great timing, clocks go forward and the sun comes out, for now. 😉

And I am sat here on Chesil beach posting this with my phone to publish when I get home… ain’t tech great. 😀

Not only that…

Two days of 20 mins a day meditation did wonders, I still have a kitchen!

Had a few 20 mins blast about on my bike today but my fitness has gone, so, must get out more and get back into that routine and start enjoying it again.

The unicycle can wait. 😆

Starting to enjoy my own company a little more, well, for now. Bit boring being alone at times but hey ho. Well… nan stayed with me. Anyone wanna go for a bike ride… let me know.

The clocks going forward reminded me that I was looking forward to this year alot at the end of last year but things have changed, yet I gotta get on and make it what I can. Whatever happens.

April soon!

It seem’s this year is flying by. Not excited about at all anymore though. Sadly. I’ll do my best to change it, one day a time.

As I say, meditate daily is one thing I will stick to whatever happens, my (social/general) anxiety and stress levels drop significantly. It along with mindfulness really does give me some control over things, small but it’s control.

The day after deciding not to smash the kitchen up I felt very odd, subdued, later that night I didn’t do any of my usual things, you know, eat, browse online look at this and that…

Instead I sat down and wrote all the things I am grateful for. The list was longer than I would have thought it would be at first. Thing’s aren’t great in life I admit, but I have alot to be grateful for.

It also got me thinking after…

A realisation that anything in small steps is easy and adds up to a big change.

Daily Gratitude

So one thing I have started to do over the last few days, I needed to as well, is start showing gratitude for something everyday. At least one thing. Anything.

I realised it doesn’t have to be a big thing but anything I can say I’m grateful for, spark’s a change of mood. More than I realised. Way more.

Today, I was grateful the weather was nice enough for several bike rides. 🙂

I was also grateful I am able to ride a bike!

Dwelling on the negative or the loss, or pain or whatever it is, is not healthy. Yet being grateful for one thing, however small, can change it all.

I’m hurt by a few people but am grateful I can learn a lesson or make a change. I am grateful they show me what I am not.

Little things… they matter. 🙂

So, what are you grateful for today?

Find your salvation

I don’t mean whatever saves you from your sin either. . . unless you need that then do that. 😉

Mine is getting out on my bike… it saves me from destructive thinking, sets me free. . . so it is my salvation. I thought it was something else… but got that massively wrong.

I will aim to get out on it at least 4 days a week, if not more. The weather is coming that will make it a pleasure.

I have a mate who lives in a caravan, he has lived in homes but never liked it, being free from the shackles of a home is his salvation.

I have another who’s is his pets, without them he would be lost, incomplete, a miserable git. 😆

We all have that something. Some go jogging. Some swim, some knit!

Whatever it is that makes you feel “safe” and content, takes you mind off the bad, negative, lowers your stress, is a salvation. It doesn’t have to be anything major.

Find it… utilise it.

Not forgetting to be grateful you found it! 😉

What’s your salvation?

Grateful for my salvation…
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